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Those who decide to build with wood and/or wood-based materials actively contribute to protecting the environment! Wood is the only renewable natural resource on our planet – every five seconds, in fact, enough fresh wood grows in Germany alone to build a new single-family home. Wood is also a natural carbon sink, and it’s a proven fact that it takes less energy to produce engineered wood products than most other construction materials, while emitting far less CO2 into the bargain.

Even the tiniest leftover bits, as well as all production scrap, are reused – ultimately by incinerating them to release the energy they contain, but in a sensible product lifecycle not until after materials have been reused multiple times. Wood and wood-based products thus meet today’s wishes for sustainability and extensive recycling, and therefore richly deserve their reputation as environmentally valuable, forward-looking, green building materials.

Natural wood owes its structure to a combination of insulating cavities and moisture-regulating cell walls, making it ideal for virtually all uses. Despite being relatively lightweight, wood and wood-based materials are extremely strong. Moreover, as they are naturally thermally insulating, they are perfect materials for building alternative, highly energy-efficient structures.

The natural properties of wood and wood-based materials also result in a constant, health-promoting indoor climate.