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Wittstocker Chaussee 1 
16909 Heiligengrabe 

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Your workplace at SWISS KRONO Germany

We are always looking for people who feel at home in the region, really get involved, enjoy team play and want to implement their ideas! We are eager to see the skills that you can bring with you to our company.

Our employees are the foundation of our economic success. Most of them have been working for SWISS KRONO for many years. The teams and the know-how can grow:
from training, further education and study program. This results in in-depth knowledge of materials, structures and processes and the loyal attitudes that characterize committed and responsible employees. Motivation, identification and commitment characterize our SWISS KRONO team.

Millions of people worldwide come into contact with laminate and OSB boards from SWISS KRONO. They build single-family homes of wood in an ecologically sustainable way. They lay laminate in their apartment. They build an energy-efficient and low-emission commercial property or public establishments in modular construction.
With laminate and OSB boards from SWISS KRONO, we contribute to making building in a more environmentally friendly manner and to living healthier. And we are proud of this.


Outstanding commitment

We have already received several awards for our commitment to the region around our production site in Heiligengrabe. In 2015, the Oskar Patzelt Foundation awarded us the Großer Preis des Mittelstandes (Grand Prize for medium-sized companies) for the overall development of the company and creating and securing of jobs and training positions.
We have also received several awards from the Federal Employment Agency and the IHK Potsdam for our commitment to training and further education.

Christian Baumann
Christian Baumann

Head of Human Resources

Tina Lemcke

Head of Training and Advanced Training

Mandy Wulff

Deputy Head of Human Resources

Working hours

A balanced relationship between work and leisure time serves the health of every employee and therefore automatically the success of the company. We therefore attach great importance to regulated working hours and free time compensation. Our employees in the 4-shift operation, for example, have no shifts on every 2nd weekend. We offer different part-time work models to choose from in all administrative areas.

  • 4-shift operation
    Weekdays 6 AM - 2 PM, 2 PM - 10 PM, 10 PM - 6 AM
    Weekends 6 AM -6 PM, 6 PM - 6 AM
  • 2-shift operation
  • Regular working hours 40 h
    Commercial department: Mon-Thu 7.30 AM - 4.30 PM, Fr 7.30 AM - 2.30 PM with 0.5 h break
    Technical department: Mon-Thu 7 AM - 4.15 PM, Fri 7 AM - 3.15 PM with 1 h break
  • Part time models with different hours per week


  • Shift duty: 30 days standard leave
  • Shipment staff: 31 days standard leave
  • other departments: 25 days standard leave
  • Special leave for all employees: 12.24./31.
  • further leave regulations: after the 1st, 2nd and 5th year of company service, one additional day of annual leave


We pay all employees according to performance. Wages and salaries depend on the respective qualifications and the requirements at the workplace.
In the last eight years, our company's success has enabled us to increase remuneration,
e.g. for production employees, by over 30%.

Additional benefits to wage and salary:

  • Shift bonuses
  • Sunday bonuses
  • Public holiday bonuses
  • Nighttime bonuses
  • Payment for additional work / overtime work
  • Christmas bonus (for a successfully completed financial year)

Job-specific further education /training courses, etc.

  • Forklift license
  • Lifting platform license
  • Welding license
  • Trainer’s license
  • Boiler operator license
  • Programming courses
  • Advanced training courses for safety representatives
  • Advanced training courses for firefighters

Individual advanced training opportunities, etc.

  • Technician
  • extra-occupational studies
  • Master craftsman training
  • Language courses

Work and health

  • Company physician
  • Cost absorption for occupational glasses
  • individually customized hearing protection
  • Extensive offers for health prevention (including back school, financial support when visiting a fitness studio)
  • Safety Days for occupational health and safety

The workplace package

  • Company screen
  • Parking space
  • free water
  • Works fire brigade
  • Employee discounts for company products
  • Employee events (Children’s Christmas Party, Open House, apprentice trip and much more)
  • Grant for departmental celebrations, 2 x annually
  • Participation in various sports activities (including dragon boat races, company races)
  • Volleyball and football team, SWISS KRONO Cup twice per year
  • Discounts with contractual partners, e.g. Entry at Bad Wilsnack thermal spa
  • Offer of internships