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Your Home.
Discover the new theme worlds

We can’t wait to present you our new campaign Your Home. by KRONOTEX. The moment has finally come and we are inviting all friends of cultivated interior design on a journey through our theme worlds. Our creative team, consisting of agency, product management, designers, stylist, master craftswoman, photographer, cameraman and cutter, has developed inspiring interior design concepts and realised them with KRONOTEX floors. In our search for suitable locations for our shoots, we discovered the wonderful locations of Gebrüder Fritz and Carl Fritz in Berlin. We were even guests in the showroom of multi-award-winning master painter Dörthe Krüger-Mähl.

And now it’s time for us to say:

Raise the curtain for Your Home. We want to enthuse and surprise you and inspire you to become creative. Because beautiful rooms don’t just create good vibrations: they set your energy free!