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Explore the details and system modules of the interactive SWISS KRONO Feel-Good House!

The solution for meeting the future challenges of modern, energy-efficient building and renovation is simple: highly specialised, harmonised SWISS KRONO modules which are straightforward to assemble into optimally insulated, architecturally sophisticated feel-good houses.

All SWISS KRONO systems have been intelligently designed down to the last detail and tested in practice. To let you quickly and easily familiarise yourself with them, our interactive SWISS KRONO feel-good house can be rotated through 360 degrees. Simply click on the module numbers to view detailed information and go to the corresponding products.

A Harmonised System

On the Services page, you can download a large number of system modules for building new houses and modernising and renovating existing ones with SWISS KRONO products. Click here to go straight to the download section.

For further information please click on the letters/figures below:

SWISS KRONO Feel-good house (360°)

SWISS KRONO Feel-good house (Floor)

SWISS KRONO Feel-good house (Roof)


SWISS KRONO OSB/3, T+G ContiFinish®

Seamless laying for natural stability

SWISS KRONO OSB/3, T + G is sanded on both sides, CE-certified under EN 13986 and produced in compliance with EN 300. All four edges are profiled for tongue-and-groove joints, making it excellently suited for seamless laying.


SWISS KRONO OSB/4 EN300 F, square-edge - ContiFinish®

Totally Safe

Our best:
SWISS KRONO OSB/ F (“F four stars”), ContiFinish®, German technical approval Z-9.1- 618, monitored by HFB, CE EN13986 (OSB/4). It is as strong as OSB/4 and makes for absolutely healthy living as it is produced using only formaldehyde-free binders. Its principal applications are in ecological timber frame construction.


SWISS KRONO OSB/4 EN300 F, T+G - ContiFinish®

Fast completion of loaded structures

With tongue-and-groove joints on two or four sides, SWISS KRONO OSB/ F (”F four stars“) – T + G, ContiFinish®, German technical approval Z-9.1- 618, monitored by HFB ENGINEERING GMBH, conforms to CE EN 13986 (OSB/4) – ensures rapid progress in building your roof. Especially for applications that call for high strength and dimensional stability, this constructive, eco-friendly wood-based material is the right choice


SWISS KRONO OSB/3 stop fire EN300

The classic product with built-in fire protection

SWISS KRONO OSB/3 stop fire EN300 is an enhancement of SWISS KRONO OSB/3, the well-known high-performance staple. Like it, the flame-retardant version is CE-certified under DIN EN 13986 and an ideal engineered wood product for loadbearing and reinforcing applications.


SWISS KRONO QuicklyBoard OSB/3

A versatile formwork board for simple concreting work, SWISS KRONO QuicklyBoard OSB/3 excels with outstanding bendability. The ContiFinish® surface reduces penetration of moisture and facilitates stripping.


KRONOTEX Laminate Flooring

2021 Collection

EXQUISIT collection | 6017 | Kashmiri Oak, Black Décor / art. no.: FB0000ZFV6017ER001
Format: 1380mm x 193mm
Thickness: 8mm
Structure: ER

You’ll find more collections here: KRONOTEX Laminat



From the inside out

  • Plaster
  • 100mm of MAGNUMBOARD® OSB
  • 140mm of roof insulation
  • Counterbattens / battens


SWISS KRONO OSB Exterior Wall F30 on Inside + F90 on Outside

From the inside out

  • 12.5mm of gypsum fireboard
  • 15mm of SWISS KRONO OSB/3 EN300 or SWISS KRONO OSB/4 EN300
  • 200mm of solid construction timber / Icocell blown-in cellulose insulation
  • 60mm of Pavatex Isolair
  • 30/50mm of battens
  • 18mm of timber sheathing*

* Not required for fire protection

F30 on inside + F90 on outside – in acc. with German general technical approval P-SAC02/III-990 (Soprema GmbH)

Rw = 47 dB in accordance with test report no. 19-003605- PR01, ift Rosenheim

For more versions, e.g. plastered or as double walls, see the planning tool at



From the inside out

  • 9,5mm of gypsum plasterboard
  • 15mm of SWISS KRONO OSB/3 or OSB/4 EN300
  • Insulation / rafters
  • Membrane or under-roof insulating boards
  • 30mm of counterbattens (with ventilated cavity no more than 15m long)
  • At least 22mm of SWISS KRONO OSB/3 or OSB/4 EN300
  • Membrane
  • Slate roofing (metal roofing is possible as an alternative)


SWISS KRONO OSB Interior Wall F30

From the inside out

  • 9.5mm of plasterboard
  • 15mm of SWISS KRONO OSB/3 EN300 or SWISS KRONO OSB/4 EN300
  • 80mm of solid construction timber
  • 15mm of SWISS KRONO OSB/3 EN300 or SWISS KRONO OSB/4 EN300
  • 9.5mm of plasterboard
  • F30-B acc. to DIN 4102-4:2016-05, table 10.5


SWISS KRONO Ceiling Screed and Suspension

From the top down

  • 55mm of self-levelling anhydrite screen, 110kg/m2
  • 30mm of glass wool with s’ of at least 6 MN/m3
  • 60mm of concrete plate (120kg/m2)
  • 25mm of SWISS KRONO OSB/3 EN300 or SWISS KRONO OSB/4 EN300
  • 280 x 140 of framing ( e = 625mm), in between 200mm of fibre insulation 5 ≥ r ≥ 35 [kPa*s/m2]
  • Universal brackets 20mm , rubber-buffered, b = 60mm (from Ampack, Fermacell, Knauf or Protektor)
  • 27mm of wooden battens, b = 60mm
  • 2 x 15mm of plasterboard (Knauf or Rigips)


SWISS KRONO + Protektor Load-Bearing C-Beam Wall with F30

  • 12.5mm of plasterboard
  • 12mm of SWISS KRONO OSB/3 EN300
  • Metal C-beams from Protektor(which calls them “profiles”) / glass-fibre insulation
  • 12mm of SWISS KRONO OSB/3 EN300
  • 12.5mm of plasterboard F30 or REI 30 as specified in test
  • report 2100/833/18 - Coh of 24 January 2018; official approval for use in construction is pending


Rw = 52 dB acc. to Peutz Laboratory for Acoustics, test report A3437-8D-RA of 23 May 2018


SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® OSB Interior Wall with Decorative Plaster

  • Decorative plaster
  • 100mm of MAGNUMBOARD® OSB
  • Decorative plaster

F30 (without decorative plaster) in accordance with official approval P-2102/073/19-MPA BS

REI 45 with Knauf Rotkalk decorative plaster in acc. with test report 2101/358/18-IQUH-Weinisch of 10 May 2019



SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD®OSB Ceiling with Screed and Ballast

From the top down

  • 55mm of floating anhydrite screed, 110kg/m2
  • 30mm of glass wool, min. dynamic stiffness s’ of 6 MN/m3 (Fermacell or ZiSOLA)
  • 120mm of gravel ballast, min. of 1500kg/m3
  • Interior finishing as recommended




From the inside out

  • MAGNUMBOARD® OSB 100mm (4 plies)
  • KNAUF MW VOLAMIT 040, 160mm thick

Wall construction F30 on inside + F90 on outside as per in acc. with German general technical approval P-2101/904/19-MPA_BS

The special feature of this wall construction is that it includes ceiling joints and overlapping insulation. In terraced houses, this exterior wall can be placed directly against the neigh- bouring building.




From the top down

  • Membrane or metal covering with structured separation layer
  • At least 22mm of SWISS KRONO OSB/3 EN300 or SWISS KRONO OSB/4 EN300
  • Insulation / rafters
  • Vapour barrier with variable permeability
  • 24mm-thick installation layer (uninsulated)
  • 15mm of SWISS KRONO OSB/3 SF-B EN300

The requirements of DIN 68800-2:2012-02 must be met.


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