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Individually designed living spaces reflect your personality. SWISS KRONO products are the best basis for modern furnishing and interior design.


SWISS KRONO building materials are the right choice wherever quality, reliability and aesthetics are needed. From wood construction to interior fittings.


High-quality timber is the basis for our SWISS KRONO flooring. Our innovative technology creates stylish floors that leave nothing to be desired.


SWISS KRONO France has created a magazine directly inspired by the group's feedback on various international markets: Discover today the magazine Art of Decor by SWISS KRONO.

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Wood-based panels for construction, furniture and interior design

What makes the SWISS KRONO Group special?

For thousands of years mankind has used wood as a natural raw material – to provide shelter from the elements, to build houses and to design interiors. In other words, to create an environment in which we feel good. The SWISS KRONO Group has been slowly building on this idea every day for over 50 years: transforming wood from a natural raw material into products mass-produced at an industrial scale – to the highest quality standards and with outstanding value for money. We strive to fulfil the wishes of our customers. That's why we work every day to develop wood-based products for sophisticated living spaces around the world. 

Products from SWISS KRONO:

International expertise in wooden structures

In the interests of our customers, we offer all products of the wood-based materials industry from a single source – from wood products for interiors to products for wooden structures and high-quality laminates. For a large number of products, we complete all stages of production ourselves. That allows us to deliver our wood-based products to the very highest quality standards – any time, any place. And each one of our approximately 5,100 members of staff, across 10 factories worldwide, is personally committed to ensuring this is the case.

Leading the way in the cost and performance of wood-based materials

We always make sure to use resources in efficient ways, so we source our raw materials from sustainable providers and we do not allow idling or even downtime in our production processes. All of our wood-processing plants are kept in ideal conditions in terms of operation and maintenance.

We harness the expertise of our staff across the entire Group in order to constantly improve quality. The most effective processes, the best ideas and the most promising innovations in wood structures are shared in the Group – learning from the best in order to become stronger together. Since the SWISS KRONO Group was founded in 1966, the desire to improve our wood-based materials for our customers has been written into the company’s DNA. We set the standards when it comes to the look, feel and quality of wood products. We are constantly optimising all wooden building elements in terms of their product characteristics, such as moisture resistance and low emissions.

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