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Highest demand on quality

All SWISS KRONO products meet the highest technical and strictest ecological requirements. An attractive price-performance ratio and highest customer satisfaction are our corporate goals. With our products, we want to meet or exceed all requirements of our customers with regard to

  • the possible applications,
  • the living ambiance,
  • a healthy living environment and
  • ecological requirements


We strive towards a qualitative growth for our company. This is why we continually optimize our products and our production and business processes, both in a technically and an ecological sense. The quality of our products is permanently monitored and confirmed by regular inspections by independent testing institutes.

The success of SWISS KRONO products is based on the commitment and knowledge of our highly qualified, motivated employees. The well-founded training of the youth part of our corporate philosophy just as much as the continuous upskilling of our long-standing employees.

We earn the trust of our customers through a sales department that offers the highest level of service and competent technical advice.

Integrated management system

Our integrated management system for quality, occupational safety, environment and energy is the basis for the success of our location. We ensure the efficiency of the plant and are upgrading it further.
In all our business activities, we focus on industrial productivity, the generation of an adequate return on investment and long-term, continuous value creation. In order to generate profitable growth, we are constantly working on improving our product range, developing innovations and successfully launching them in the market. We are continuously strengthening our competitive position on national and international markets.

Executive management