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ONE WORLD Collection:
Living spaces & possibilities

Furniture decors which are as varied and inspiring as the world itself. Created in line the latest global design trends, scouted by our continually intense market monitoring. Specially tailored to our customers’ concrete demands. Our ONE WORLD Collection from SWISS KRONO encompasses the most varied monotone, wood and design surfaces, which can be combined in continually new ways and fit perfectly.

This means we are able to open up all building areas to a diverse range of design possibilities. Regardless of where the ONE WORLD Collection comes to use – the perfect individual solution is always just a few steps away. Thanks to our numerous production locations, and our wide-reaching sales network, we are where you are. Everywhere in the world.

One World Collection

Inspiration Living Space

Trends are inspiration, give us direction and lend accents to everyday life.

We have compiled the best interior trends for you

New textures


Sensory experiences are essential for all living spaces.
The longing for special surfaces is becoming ever stronger – people want to feel what the eyes see.


is a high-quality stone texture that inspires with a special type of stone from the Rhaetian Alps. Highly versatile, it impresses thanks to the modern interplay of matt and gloss – with depth effect and natural feeling.


is a wood texture that can be used anywhere, and which meets both, natural and sensory needs.