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The new KRONOTEX decors 2024

On-trend dark wood tones, clever understatement and popular greige

Everyone’s looking for a little harmony in life. That’s the message behind 2024’s home and living trends. The new floors from the KRONOTEX collection adapt to interior designs with their usual versatility. And that’s not all: they’re also the foundation for a harmonious atmosphere.
There are 18 new decors to discover in the latest KRONOTEX collection. Here, we highlight the new delights, putting each new decor in the spotlight.
The three trend floors Gnarrenburg Oak Brown, Salisbury Chestnut Dark and Boston Cream set the tone for the new collection.

design tip:

Houseplants work wonders in any room. Not only do they spread peace and quiet with their green colour, they also improve the indoor climate enormously. With a plant mix of coral berry, leaf begonia, elephant foot, sago palm fern and bromeliad, you can embark on a botanical journey around the world.

Oasis of retreat

Edersee Oak Sand, KRONOTEX EXQUISIT PLUS Collection

"The art of resting is part of the art of working." This is how the American writer John Steinbeck wonderfully formulated the symbiosis of work and idleness.
In your oasis of relaxation and dreaming, the Edersee Oak Sand decor with its silky soft alternation of medium brown, beige and a hint of light grey provides cosy warmth. Take time out to recharge your batteries! Experience the beauty of the moment in your oasis of retreat.

design tip:

Combine light-coloured walls with a piece of furniture in your favourite spring colour. This highlight is perfectly illuminated by your new floor in natural beech decor.

Catch the spring

Beech Nature, KRONOTEX EXQUISIT PLUS Collection

Bring spring into your home with the natural beech decor. The coup: wherever this floor is installed, it's springtime 365 days a year. The skilful interplay of colours in soft honey gold and amber spreads radiant warmth throughout the room. The extra wide plank of natural beech also creates an atmosphere of spaciousness and openness.

design tip:

Your oasis of nature with the Belvedere oak decor is an impressive setting for the bold and trendy retro look with elements from times gone by. Because the tranquillity that your source of strength radiates makes the colourful mix of shapes dance. Dance with us. How about even more vigour with a green smoothie in your Green Zone?

My island of energy

Belvedere Oak, KRONOTEX EXQUISIT Collection

Treat yourself to your own private source of strength in your home: a room in which green can unfold its full potential. Invigorating, inspiring, vitalising and balancing. For a feeling of strength and vitality like a long walk in the woods.
This magical energy perfectly complements the unique structure of the oak wood in the Belvedere Oak decor. Noble light silk grey meets creamy cappuccino brown and makes this flooring a floor with a lot of style!

design tip:

Combine a very light grey instead of white as a wall colour with a discreet use of black. This makes the room appear softer, warmer and more natural. Wood tones and matt gold enhance this elegant look.

Perfectly orchestrated

Gunray Walnut Cappuccino, KRONOTEX EXQUISIT Collection

What does it depend on, the famous wow effect in a room impression? Definitely the courage to reduce and very deliberate, restrained emphasising. Sounds complicated? But it's not, as our example shows. The perfect blend of warm brown and vanilla milk foam in the Gunray walnut cappuccino decor combines perfectly with the stylishly understated furnishing style. Only the bright yellow armchair seems to draw attention to itself. But in fact, the colours of the room combine in a wonderfully harmonious and flowing way. The floor provides the impressive stage for this perfect setting.

design tip:

Combine the Gnarrenburg Oak Brown decor with THE trend color of 2024, Peach Fuzz. The delicate rose pink orange blends wonderfully with the floor’s tones. A sofa or armchair in an on-trend shape inspired by the human silhouette – perhaps in light blue – is the perfect way to complete the look. 

Mysterious and appealing

Gnarrenburg Oak Brown, KRONOTEX EXQUISIT Collection

The name sounds mysterious – and that’s just what it is. It takes us to the Teufelsmoor in Lower Saxony. That’s where the community of Gnarrenburg sits nestled in the heart of unique protected countryside. Moors harness the powers of nature. They only rarely reveal what’s in their possession. Moors are special and unique. Just like the centuries-old oak from the Teufelsmoor that inspired our Gnarrenburg Oak Brown decor. 
Peaty brown combines with delicate rose pink in this decor to create a velvety soft look. The floor exudes softness and sensuality.

design tip:

Combine the perfect understatement of the Salisbury Chestnut Dark decor with the on-trend ’70s retro look. The colors and shapes in this trend surround the decor with a calm, relaxed feel.

Soft and subtly stunning

Salisbury Chestnut Dark, KRONOTEX ROBUSTO Collection

The magic of South England can be found in the new KRONOTEX decor Salisbury Chestnut Dark. It’s as if the spirit of the landscape is captured in this flooring. Soft shapes and warm colors create a balanced elegance. The strong tradition that places like Salisbury exude combines with the beauty of classical flooring in this decor.
Warm honey tones combine with creamy cappuccino notes to create an interplay of color full of positive energy. The subtle mix of light and dark reflections is the perfect way to round off the palette.

design tip:

Combine your greige paradise with the it material of 2024: chrome. Use it in decorative objects or with furniture. You’ll love the contrast between cozy warmth and cool elegance!


On-trend greige interior

Boston Cream, KRONOTEX MEGA PLUS Collection

This home and living classic is always in demand: the combination of gray and beige to make greige. It’s also reflected in the color scheme for the new KRONOTEX decor Boston Cream. A cement-look floor with timeless beauty and boundless sophistication.
The warm interplay of white, beige and gray creates the ultimate in urban lifestyle. The decor exudes freedom and a light feel.