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Diverse and atmospheric: the KRONOTEX decor trends

What forms the basis for the design of rooms?
We say: quite clearly the floor! Because it determines the impression of the room and points the way. Our KRONOTEX collection is created with this in mind: diverse, atmospheric, surprising and innovative. And yet timelessly beautiful.

So what do they look like, the KRONOTEX decor trends 2023? As individual as the furnishing trends of this year. Impressive colours, playfully emotional or full of simple elegance. Everything is possible to create the dream of space. Let yourself be inspired! Have fun on this journey of discovery.       


Interior Trend

Sustainable and organic

This on-trend look for your home is all about mindfulness and being close to nature. Home accessories for 2023 focus on natural materials such as shells and stones, and on making conscious use of resources.
Neutral colors harmoniously underpin the design and are ideal for combining with wood tones. Something that looks particularly good here is an old cupboard that has been given a limewash finish.

Bodega Oak Beige


The light, warm sand tones of the Bodega Oak Beige decor bring a glow to the room. The extra-wide boards have a natural, light wood grain that makes the play of colors all the more effective.

Bodega Oak Grey


The Bodega Oak Grey decor exudes an air of restraint and balance with its grey-brown color and subtle touches of vanilla. An extra-wide board for rooms that demand a strong, enduring look.

Interior Trend


Colours influence our sensory perception. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we automatically associate colours with meanings that influence our sensations. In this way, the effects of rooms can be controlled - sometimes calm and serene or energetic and stimulating! Depending on the mood I want to create.


The trend scouts all agree that lavender is set to dominate our homes in 2023. This delicate, blue-tinged pastel tone can be both calming and fun. On furniture, walls or textiles, lavender creates a perfect balance in the home. And – even better – this serene color is great for combining with other shades. Pair bright, warm floors with lavender, and bask in the glow of a summer’s day in Provence. Or opt for more low-key, grey flooring with lavender to create an oasis of balance and calm.
Unleash your creativity!


Bodega Oak Nature


Caramel brown and golden sand tones combine in the Bodega Oak Nature decor to create a warm glow.
An even grain adds to the charm of these extra-wide boards.

Fresh green and blue

A bold and enigmatic color trend for 2023: the combination of blue and green. Nostalgic, emotional and audacious. And at the same time, an ode to nature, to water, to the sky and to plant life. Colors that are redolent of vitality.
Green and blue help improve concentration and have a calming effect. The strong hues are excellent for combining with our new flooring options in grey and pink tones.


Avanto Nature


The Avanto Naturale decor features a rustic mix of light and dark brown tones. The extra-wide boards bring a touch of country-house living to the

We are seeing RED!

The trend color red is set to lift our spirits in 2023. Earthy red tones will define home interiors, bringing a glow of energy and life. Ready for something new? Don’t be afraid to go for a color that sends signals!
Red is available in a rich variety of shades, so you can mix and match them in any number of ways. You can combine the red tones in your room with light or dark flooring, depending on the effect you want to achieve.


Avanto Light


Soft vanilla, warm sand and a hint of nougat brown make the Avanto Light decor the ideal choice for a natural, Scandinavian look. Extra-wide boards
for a snug, warm interior.


Interior Trend

Perfectly curated patchwork

Is your home as colorful as your life? Then it not only suits you to a T, it’s also in tune with one of the megatrends of 2023: eclecticism. A hard one to pronounce? We think so too! That’s why we simply refer to it as a perfectly curated patchwork of beautiful things. A mix of old and new furniture, large prints, treasured finds from your last visit to the flea market. Have the courage to combine all the things that speak to your soul.
A neutral floor without an overly strong wood grain can bring a touch of calm to your colorful world. And if you group your treasured pieces together into small collections, you can also create zones to give the eyes a little rest.

Avanto Beige


Light cappuccino brown blends with warm sand tones in the Avanto Beige decor. The extra-wide boards create a snug and inviting atmosphere.


Opal Oak Coffee

D 40522 | ROBUSTO

The Opal Oak Coffee decor turns the room into a tranquil haven. The dark essence of coffee blends with light beige tones that lend the board life and luster.

Ruby Oak Brown

D 40542 | ROBUSTO

The calm, light brown tones of the Ruby Oak Brown decor make it the perfect basis for creating a natural look. A board for a timeless interior.

Interior Trend

The art of paring back

We would be the first to admit that it’s difficult to part with possessions, even if you haven’t used them for a long time. Moving house often offers the opportunity to consider what you really want to keep and how much you actually need in order to feel at home. Interior design is set to focus on the idea of paring back to the essentials in 2023.
No-frills wooden and metal furniture features in airy, urban rooms, where the design impact centers, above all, around “absences”. This trend is perfect for combining with our new, natural stone-effect flooring. These styles of decor exude strength and clarity, underlining the consciously pared-back look.

Tavolo Travertin White

D 80692 | MEGA PLUS

The stunning Tavolo Travertine White decor pairs bright beige with hints of vibrant light grey. With their subtle natural stone effect, these tiles are the ideal choice for minimalist interior design.


Tavolo Travertin Grey

D 80702 | MEGA PLUS

The natural stone-effect Tavolo Travertin Grey decor has a pure, no-frills look. The light grey tiles are the ideal choice for urban-style design and help create a distinctive, loft-like feel.


Interior Trend 2023

Everlasting Love: Scandinavian style

Few trends have enjoyed such widespread and enduring popularity as this one. It is plain to see why: rooms with Nordic flair have a light and airy, timelessly beautiful and wonderfully laidback feel.
Scandinavian living is comfortable and extremely contemporary. The furnishing style is all about wood and nature, with the use of warm textiles to reinforce the effect.
The first thing you need for the perfect Scandinavian style is as much white as possible. And a wood-effect floor with a light, warm glow is the perfect way to boost the impact of the white. Add accents of on-trend green and blue to round off your dream of Nordic living in consummate style.


D 80732 | DYNAMIC

The Amerigo decor brings a light and subtle, matte vanilla tone to the room. Consummate Scandinavian flair for a bright and airy interior.


Mountain Oak Sand


Like warm sunlight, the Mountain Oak Sand decor brings an air of tranquility to a room. Subtle beige blends with a golden shimmer and a natural wood grain on the wide, extralong boards.


Lybia Oak Nature

D 80652 | ROBUSTO

The Lybia Oak Nature decor has a traditional and down-to-earth look. Nut brown and vibrant caramel gold combine in the rustic wood grain.

A board to lift the spirits!