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Climate protection

Active climate protection

As a manufacturer of environmentally friendly building materials made of wood, climate protection is part of our DNA. We conserve fossil resources and continuously reduce our CO2 emissions. In addition, we manufacture all our products in consistently environmentally friendly processes.

Using the natural raw material wood and an environmentally friendly binding agent, we manufacture environmentally friendly products that contribute to a healthy indoor climate and meet the highest technical and strictest ecological requirements. Our energy management system is certified by an independent association for certification and auditing of management systems.

With our energy efficiency program in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 50001, we reduce the energy demand of buildings, electrical appliances and transportation. Our water and energy consumption as well as the demand for other resources are systematically measured, recorded and communicated. At the same time, the energy management system includes regular monitoring and evaluation of the environmental situation and constant ecological and technical optimization of all processes.

For our commitment to sustainability and climate protection, we were awarded the Energy Efficiency Prize of the state of Brandenburg in 2019.

Strict guidelines for CO2 reduction

The production of our engineered wood products is carried out strictly from the point of view of the lowest possible CO2 emissions. In comparison with other plants that produce floor coverings or building materials, these are ten times lower at the Heiligengrabe site. We recycle all raw materials as completely as possible until they can be used to produce energy.
The carbon footprint is allocated outstandingly low values for all our products. The carbon footprint is a measure of the CO2 impact of the entire manufacturing process.

Use of renewable energy

We obtain a large part of the energy required for production from waste wood or recycled wood. This form of energy production demonstrably reduces our consumption of crude oil and natural gas. Our biomass power plants supply more than 150,000 MWh of energy per year.


Historically anchored – oriented towards the future

Silvicultural sustainability thinking was formulated in Saxony as part the Saxon forest regulations in as early as 1560. At that time, there was a high demand for wood for mine timbering. The extraction of wood should be limited to a degree "that the woody plants can bear ... and may remain a persistent utilization.”

We at SWISS KRONO have further developed the original idea of sustainability and extended it to include a modern, three-dimensional course of action. For us, ecology, economy and social issues are equally important factors in our daily activities.

Our certified environmental management system leads to a continuous optimization of resource consumption. We make use of wood efficiently and sustainable in manifold aspects. As part of this so-called cascade utilization , the raw material is used as sparingly as possible across several stages. Through cascade utilization, we can achieve economic and ecological advantages such as a lower impact on the environment, a reduction of greenhouse gases, lower costs and a higher added value.

With our innovative products for a healthy living environment, we are improving our own and at the same time the environmental balance of our customers and suppliers in ecological terms. SWISS KRONO laminate and OSB has been certified with the Blue Angel, the federal government's eco-label. In the field of economics, we focus on long-term, continuous value creation. In the social sphere, we promote and train our employees and are committed to our social environment.

Environmental protection/EPDs

Committed to nature

Active environmental and climate protection is one of the biggest and most urgent tasks of mankind. Our employees are fundamentally informed, trained and educated with regard to ecological actions. With this "Management for the Earth”, we sharpen the environmental awareness of the SWISS KRONO team. The focus of our environmental management is on eco-efficiency, which we have defined as a corporate goal.

Every product that leaves our plant should not only have an excellent price-performance ratio but also be particularly environmentally friendly. This begins with the exclusive use of wood from sustainable forestry. It is continued in the strictly controlled production. The environmental compatibility of the products is also guaranteed during use and through environmentally-friendly reuse.

Preservation of ecosystems

All ecosystems on earth are based on sensitive cycles. To maintain this, we rely on sustainable production from renewable raw materials.
The carbon trapped in the natural raw material wood is bound during the manufacture of our products. This means that less CO2 is released into the environment. The reduction of CO2 pollution means increased climate protection and enhanced healthy living.

Environment, Energy & Sustainability

We feel a special commitment towards environmental protection. We avoid environmental pollution and continuously improve the environmental compatibility of our production. We use all raw materials as completely as possible and consume little water and energy. We use waste water, energy and heat cycles and recycle production waste to reduce our need for fossil fuels to a bare minimum.

In terms of energy management, we are committed to the continuous improvement of energy-related performance. Investments in ecological measures to enhance resource efficiency have a considerable economic benefit for us. They ensure the continued existence of our company and jobs.

Product transparency

We demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection with globally applicable standards. To enable our customers to easily and transparently compare life cycle analyzes and ecological product declarations with other materials, we have committed ourselves to unlimited product transparency. Ecological product reports are only meaningful in an objective comparison. With the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), we openly and voluntarily communicate the life cycle assessments of our wooden products.

The most important facts about EPD:

  • The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a globally recognized and accepted eco-label (Type III) according to ISO 14025.
  • The EPD is published by Institut Bauen und Umwelt e. V. (IBU) and developed in close cooperation with building and environmental authorities in Germany and the internationally agreed standardization process.