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training Wastewater treatment technology specialist

Wastewater treatment technology specialist (m/f/d)

How does dirty water become clean again? Wastewater treatment technology specialists know the answer to this question.


Programme length: 3 years

Start date: 1 September

School-leaving qualification: Secondary school-leaving certificate (equivalent to GCSE) with good grades or A-level technical school-leaving certificate

The contents of the training:

The wastewater treatment technology specialist is an expert in the machinery and systems in sewage works and knows how to run them. Even if it sounds like dirty work at first, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it’s not nearly as bad as that. But you do need a lot of technical expertise.

Together through the apprenticeship

If you add up all apprenticeship years and training occupations, a total of 45 apprentices are learning at our site. This is a big team and in the truest sense of the word, too. In addition to joint activities and annual excursions, the individual trainees rely on each other every day in their various training occupations. The work processes run hand in hand, which is why it is all the more important to know and understand one another:
The red warning signal of the floor production plant lights up. Machine and system operator Elias detects a fault in the system – a sensor holder is defective He discusses the further course of action together with the industrial mechanic Lukas and the electronics technician for industrial engineering Leon.
Industrial mechanic Lukas takes the sensor holder to the workshop to repair it. He then attaches it to the system and hands it over to Leon. The electronics technician for industrial engineering now adjusts the sensor correctly using a laser. After the machine and system operator restarts production, industrial management assistant Luzie can be sure that the ordered laminate is produced as planned and loaded onto the truck. She transmits her goods transport to Lukas, specialist for warehouse logistics. He can load the order and send it on its way to the customer.