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Electronics technician for industrial engineering

Electronics technician for industrial engineering (m/f/d)

A trained electronics technician for industrial engineering installs and maintains electrical systems and programs or configures systems. In addition, they install line systems, set up switching devices, find and analyze faults in systems in close cooperation with the system operator.


Programme length: 3.5 years

Start date: 1 September

School-leaving qualification: Secondary school leaving certificate (equivalent to GCSE) with good grades or A-level technical school-leaving certificate

The contents of the training:

As an apprentice electronics technician, you learn to assess the safety of electrical systems in the first year. This also includes the measurement and analysis of electrical functions and systems. The themes of environmental protection and health and safety at work are not neglected either.

The second year is dedicated to the maintenance of plants and systems. You will assemble and connect electrical equipment such as sensors and motors. Planning and organizing activities and evaluating results are also part of the curriculum. With this know-how, you should be ready for the intermediate exam.

You will then get down to business: In the third year of training, you will start to install and commission electrical equipment. This also includes the configuration and programming of control systems. Planning, organizing and evaluating the results are important here as well.

In the fourth year, you will install and configure IT systems, carry out technical job analyzes and develop solutions for specific tasks. You now have everything an electronics technician needs to know and must be capable of – so let's get started on your exam preparations, where we will prepare you for the final exam. What you are missing now is experience – but this will come naturally with time.

Be an apprentice electronics technician for industrial engineering for five minutes (360° video)

The training content of the profession seems to match your interests in theory? But can theory and practice be combined? Come and help our apprentice Florian and his trainer Johannes Hentschel to solve a problem. They will introduce you to the field personally, can give you an understanding of the praxis and share their impressions of the company. Have a look around, what it looks like in the workshop and what an impressive view you have from the tower (you cannot fall down ;-) ).

All roads lead to Rome - or do they: How do I find my dream job?

As varied as our training programs are, the path between graduation and starting training is often just as varied. Some of them already know in their school days exactly which profession their heart beats for. It may so happen that during a study course or an apprenticeship, you find out that you are not on the right track and that you are reorienting yourself. Or you probably even have a degree in your pocket and feel like you haven't reached the end yet. Every path is the right one, if you follow your gut feeling. Here, you can see what experiences our apprentices have gathered:

Julian is not someone for detours. On the other hand, the passionate angler rests deep within him. And because 1 + 1 is also 2 for him, it was soon clear that he would use his talent for physics for his professional training. No sooner said than done: After two successful internships at SWISS KRONO with the electronic technicians for industrial engineering, he applied for a apprenticeship position. Julian can also clearly answer the question of why he chose SWISS KRONO for his training: Because it is the largest company in the region and he also sees a secure perspective for the future here. Everything exactly planned!

Together through the apprenticeship

If you add up all apprenticeship years and training occupations, a total of 45 apprentices are learning at our site. This is a big team and in the truest sense of the word, too. In addition to joint activities and annual excursions, the individual trainees rely on each other every day in their various training occupations. The work processes run hand in hand, which is why it is all the more important to know and understand one another:
The red warning signal of the floor production plant lights up. Machine and system operator Elias detects a fault in the system – a sensor holder is defective He discusses the further course of action together with the industrial mechanic Lukas and the electronics technician for industrial engineering Leon.
Industrial mechanic Lukas takes the sensor holder to the workshop to repair it. He then attaches it to the system and hands it over to Leon. The electronics technician for industrial engineering now adjusts the sensor correctly using a laser. After the machine and system operator restarts production, industrial management assistant Luzie can be sure that the ordered laminate is produced as planned and loaded onto the truck. She transmits her goods transport to Lukas, specialist for warehouse logistics. He can load the order and send it on its way to the customer.