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Our service for you: Practical tips
Helpful information and suggestions for your projects

Extraordinary times require new ideas to stay in touch with and support each other. Our SWISS KRONO experts are ready to help you with the new practical tips in brief videos – in front of the mobile phone camera from the home office or from the company office.

Wooden building materials

Practical tip with Michael Claus – Construction of a roof pitch

Unused potential often lurks under the roof: the undeveloped attic. If you would like to take up the project, you will first have to take care of the roof pitches. The paneling of the slope does not necessarily have to be done by a specialist. Michael Claus (sales representative at SWISS KRONO TEX) explains two options for upgrading the roof pitch with OSB

Practical tip with Michael Claus: Nail line on OSB boards

How to fix the OSB board when it hides the middle wooden beam? Go through the cumbersome process of measuring and marking the center? This is not necessary, says Michael Claus, sales representative of SWISS KRONO. In dry and wood frame construction, there is a common grid dimension. SWISS KRONO uses this to save time and simplify work for the fabricators by means of a line on the OSB board, the so-called nail line.

Practical tip with Stefan Gottfried:
The free SWISS KRONO OSB service hotline

Do you have technical or constructional questions about SWISS KRONO OSB? We will be pleased to assist you! Stefan Gottfried, application engineer for SWISS KRONO OSB, answers with a short video clip about our free service hotline and the timber planner from his office.

Free SWISS KRONO OSB service hotline: 0800 5766696

Practical tip with Michael Claus:
The use of OSB

OSB can be used in many different ways, both in interior finishing and decoratively in visible areas as well. Is it actually possible to use an OSB board with tongue and groove joint on both sides? Michael Claus, sales representative at SWISS KRONO, knows the answer.