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Amazing Properties

Excellent properties of SWISS KRONO HPL guarantee unlimited application possibilities

HPL SWISS KRONO - resistant to scratches, abrasion, impacts and shocks
All design solutions employing HPL SWISS KRONO are robust and long-lasting. They are the ideal solution in places where aesthetics are required combined with high surface resistance.

HPL SWISS KRONO – resistant to staining
Resistant to staining from coffee, wine, tea, shoe polish and other substances. Remains clean for years.

HPL SWISS KRONO - resistant to rapid temperature changes
Perfect for interiors of kitchens, warehouses, holiday cottages and public transport. The interiors will remain pleasing to the eye for a long time.

HPL SWISS KRONO – resistant to steam
HPL layers do not separate under the influence of steam.

HPL SWISS KRONO - easy to keep clean
There is no need for special cleaning agents (everyday cleaning agents commonly used at home that don’t scratch the surface are enough). Customer satisfaction that lasts for years.

HPL SWISS KRONO - flexible and easy to form
Allows you to create both flat and rounded surfaces. Allows you to create uniquely designed shapes. Perfect for production of countertops and windowsills with postforming technology.

HPL SWISS KRONO - safe for food contact
Natural product which is a perfect solution not only in the kitchen, but also everywhere else where food contact is expected, e.g. cafeterias, bakeries, restaurants, and cafes.

HPL SWISS KRONO - for use in public utility buildings
Perfect for areas of heavy traffic such as schools, hospitals, waiting rooms, shops, airports,railway stations.

HPL SWISS KRONO - easy to combine with other materials
Ensures amazing freedom in design and creation of unusual arrangements.

HPL SWISS KRONO – resistant to chemicals
High resistance to chemicals commonly used in households, which ensures comfort of use.

HPL SWISS KRONO - available in various formats, thicknesses, colours, and structures.
Wide variety gives extraordinary comfort of use in any space, as well as the possibility of implementing one-of-a-kind solutions. Modern design stimulates the imagination.

HPL SWISS KRONO - eco-friendly
It remains ecologically sound from creation to recycling. A great choice for everyone who cares about the environment and a healthy lifestyle.

HPL SWISS KRONO – available across the whole of Poland
Access to the product is very simple, it can be found in all SWISS KRONO retail outlets.

HPL SWISS KRONO - colour and surface structure repeatability
The colour and surface structure of each design is repeated in every batch. Thus, it is possible to add furniture and interior furnishing elements at any time.

HPL SWISS KRONO - hygienic class E1
Safe for health, doesn’t trigger allergies or sensitivity.

HPL SWISS KRONO - resistant to light
Resistance to daylight ensures the product will stay aesthetically pleasing for years. The perfect solution for those places in which long-lasting colours matter.

HPL SWISS KRONO -  colours and structures matched  to laminated boards
Gives a lot of freedom in furniture and interior design

HPL SWISS KRONO - also available with antibacterial covering
Perfect for interiors in which hygiene takes precedence such as day care centres, kindergartens, pharmacies, grocery shops.

HPL laminates are completely hardened and thus, chemically neutral.

Formaldehyde emission from HPL laminates is below the acceptable limit for wood-based materials.

HPL glued on wood-derived board is a barrier material and almost completely blocks formaldehyde emission from the board.