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At last we can have the kind of worktop we have long dreamed of!
Ultra-thin and robust, the ULTRA-THIN BLACK WOOD Worktop has great design potential and allows you to play with shapes! 




the product is moisture resistant (low swelling) - can be used in rooms with enhanced humidity
is flame retardant (D-s1,d0) - is ideal for interior furnishings and public buildings
 • the surface is resistant to elevated temperatures - a pot with boiling water can be placed directly on the worktop (kettles are an exception) without causing damage - hot metal pots and pans with single and multilayer bottoms, too - but we recommend that insulation pads be used
the surface is abrasion, scratch and impact resistant - it will shrug-off most domestic activity, but we recommend using a cutting board for cutting, sanding and hammering 
it has a stain-resistant surface that is easy to clean
the surface will not fade in strong light
it’s safe for health (hygiene class E1/ED2020)
the surface has antibacterial properties
the item is a wood-based product - natural and ecological
edge banding is not necessary, but possible
it can be manufactured in any desired shape
its dark, distinctive BLACK WOOD edge gives the worktop an unusual, original look
any profile can be given to the edges
it’s ultra-thin - lends any room a unique sense of lightness and elegance 
the product has a subtle classy look thanks to the use of ultra-thin, high-quality BLACK WOOD board 
IMPORTANT: ONLY top-mount sinks can be installed (NOT under-mount sinks) 

Antibacterial Surface

All SWISS KRONO Worktops have antibacterial properties. 

Suchproperties BLACK WOOD Worktops mean that bacteria do not grow on their surfaces. Antibacterial activity tests have been performed in accordance with ISO 22196:2011 against two bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli), and their results confirm that the worktop surface inhibits the growth of microorganisms.


for the production of furniture
as interior finishing elements, e.g. kitchen worktops, counters, tables, desks, shelves ( e.g. containers, helpers), backsplash


All visible (external) worktop edges necessarily have to be protected in order to close their surface and protect them against dirt, abrasion and water penetration, as well as for aesthetic reasons (use of wax deepens the black colour of the base board). For this purpose, we recommend:

  • use of colourless coatings like: hard wax, varnish. Warning: We particularly recommend use of OSMO hard wax.

  • edgeband, e.g. ABS one, glued with the use of polyurethane glue.


The BLACK WOOD worktop should not be used for suspended sinks. 

All important information and recommendations for installation and use are contained in "SWISS KRONO BLACK WOOD Worktop Processing, Installation and Use Manual".

Surface Structures


KM - Stone
KM - Stone
MX - Matrix
MX - Matrix
OW - ONE Wood
OW - ONE Wood
SM - Silk-Matt
SM - Silk-Matt
VL - Velour
VL - Velour