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SWISS KRONO sp. z o.o.

ul. Serbska 56, 68-200 Żary
woj. lubuskie, POLSKA

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The SWISS KRONO Group was founded in 1966 by Ernst Kaindl († 2017) in the Swiss community of Menznau. The Board of Directors consists of:

  • Dr. Reto Müller, Chairman
  • Georg Benes
  • Marco Syfrig
  • Peter Wijnbergen
  • Andreas Gerber


The operating businesses are run by the Executive Committee under the leadership of


  • Peter Wijnbergen, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / President of the Executive Committee


The Executive Committee comprises

  • Beat Stebler, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Roland Kovacic, Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
  • Georg Mäder, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO)
  • Max von Tippelskirch, Chief Strategy and Communication Officer (CSCO)


The Group is organised as an interaction between the locations responsible for results and the Group functions assigned to the various Group management areas, which ensure the consistent exploitation of synergies within the Group and the implementation of strategic initiatives.


The individual SWISS KRONO Group locations are managed by the following plant managers:

  • Marcin Luty –  SWISS KRONO Poland in Zary
  • Aaron Johnson –  SWISS KRONO USA in Barnwell (South Carolina)
  • Roger Braun – SWISS KRONO Switzerland in Menznau
  • Orsolya Kazmer –  SWISS KRONO Hungary in Vásárosnamény
  • Vincent Adam –  SWISS KRONO France in Sully-sur-Loire
  • Andrzej Zajac –  SWISS KRONO Ukraine in Kamianka-Buska, as well as in Solonytsivka and Broshniv-Osada
  • Lutz Pape –  SWISS KRONO Russia in Sharya
  • Hendrik Hecht –  SWISS KRONO Germany in Heiligengrabe