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Non-ignitable boards STOP FIRE

The European Union has recently sharpened the existing regulations and introduced new ones within the scope of application of materials in such public utility buildings as schools, kindergartens, sport halls, shopping centers or hospitals.

In order to assess the probable reaction of the product to fire, i.e. its potential flammability, its Euroclass shall be checked, i.e. the fire classification regarding reaction to fire.

The classification includes all the significant information concerning reaction of products to fire. According to this classification, each product is qualified in one of the basic seven fire Euroclasses.


  • production of STOP FIRE non-flammable laminated boards (particleboard or MDF) - only on request,
  • possibility to produce any decor from the collection of laminated boards SWISS KRONO Polska,
  • waiting time, depending on the decor, from 2 to 8 weeks,
  • minimum order quantity: 2 pallets (30 pieces) or 1 pallet (15 pieces) with additional surcharge.



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Euroclasses A1, A2 and B list the safest products whereas further Euroclasses classify products which show worse and worse fire properties.
The last class is marked as F. Apart from the basic class, the complete product flammability classification consists of two additional classes:

within the scope of smoke emission – Euroclasses from s1 to s3
within the scope of the intensity of occurrence of flaming droplets – Euroclasses from d0 to d2

In order to meet the strictest European requirements pertaining to fire safety, highest the Swiss KRONO Group has developed a technology of production of non-ignitable furniture boards.

The STOP FIRE furniture boards by KRONO have been tested at a certified institute in Germany, and they have been classified as a non-ignitable material of B-s2, d0 class.

Euroclass   Characteristics of the reaction of the product to fire
A1 Non-flammable Absolutely non-flammable products of the top class which do not cause flaring of fire
A2 Non-flammable Non-flammable products of the top class which do not cause flaring of fire
B Non-ignitable Highly limited contribution to fire; the products do not cause flaring of fire
C Flash resistant Limited but noticeable contribution to fire
D Flammable  Significant contribution to fire
E Flammable  Very significant contribution to fire – fire hazard
F Flammable Untested products or negative results of all the fire tests
Euroclass Indication of smoke production rate and volume
s1 Practically no smoke
s2 Average amount and density of smoke
s3 High volume of dense smoke
Euroclass Intensity of production of flaming droplets and particles
d0 No flaming droplets
d1 Few flaming droplets (similar to sparks from burning wood)
d2 Large number of flaming droplets and particles

SWISS KRONO offer includes the following furniture boards STOP FIRE:

SWISS KRONO RC SF-B (Chipboard P2 Stop Fire – non-ignitable) – 18 mm thick - B-s2, d0

SWISS KRONO MFC SF-B (Laminated chipboard P2 Stop Fire – non-ignitable) – 18 mm thick - B-s2, d0 

SWISS KRONO MDF SF-B (MDF board Stop Fire – non-ignitable) - 16 and 19 mm thick - B-s2, d0

SWISS KRONO MFMDF SF-B (Laminated MDF board Stop Fire – non-ignitable) – 16 and 19 mm thick - B-s1, d0