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SWISS KRONO moves with the times and adapts its offerings to today's needs. We understand and respect the convenience of the Customer, who increasingly buys without leaving home.

We have prepared a special collection of floor panels available for sale on-line only. To make it easier to choose and learn about the products, we offer a rich gallery of pictures of the panels.

18 variants of waterproof flooring in 8mm thickness and three different formats M (157x1380mm), L (191x1380mm) and XL (242x1380mm).


24 hours of resistance to contact with water

Aqua Block 24h water resistant panels can be used in all dry living rooms and many public spaces. Aqua Block 24h water resistant floors withstand 24 hours of spilled liquid on the floor surface.
Aqua Block 24h is especially suitable for places with children and pets and also, where there is a risk of periodic spillage of liquid on the floor (kitchen and its wet zones, places of standing potted flowers, hallways with direct access to the house from the manor).

Aqua Pearl – tight Aqua Pearl lock

Resistance to abrasion – Corundum, a crystalline mineral sprayed in powder form on the surface of products, is used to strengthen the surface layer of SWISS KRONO panels. Our factory uses overlay technology to make an abrasion-resistant layer on panels, offered in classes AC4, AC5 and AC6. This allows us to provide a no-scratch warranty of up to 40 years in home use conditions.

Suitable for water and electric underfloor heating

V-groove– we know very well that v-fuga enriches the wood image, providing it with a touch of class. The use of four-sided v-fuga also increases the visual appeal of an installed floor. Paints used in painting this part of the product are entirely safe and hold all required certificates.

3D synchronous structures - at SWISS KRONO we are able to show the beauty of natural wood with synchronous structures. Modern structure-impression matrix technology facilitates the creation of a texture that not only conveys the deep structure of the brushed wood, but also emphasises its depth by applying a play of the lights (gloss, matt and semi-matt) at the corresponding points of the pattern. The innovative Stratochrome technology gives the floor panels a three-dimensional effect.