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MDF Boards

Fibreboards are produced in 3 varieties: MDF, LDF and HDF. They are wood-based products obtained by pressing wood fibres with an addition of organic binding and setting compounds under high pressure and at elevated temperature.

The resultant material has a homogeneous density and raw material composition along its total cross-section and therefore it shows a perfect mechanical process ability during cutting.


MDF - Medium Density Fibreboard - is a basic material for the production of furniture and interior fittings such as mouldings, wall panels and caissons, as well as for the production of wood-work element such as doors. Due to their surface values, they are suitable for treatments such as covering with thin melamine resin films, varnishing and covering with natural and artificial veneers.

LDF - Low Density Fibreboard - is a base material for the manufacture of wall panels to be used in dry rooms, as well as for the production of sheathing and insulating Kronotec panels.

HDF - Hight Density Fibreboard - is characterised by a high hardness and density and is designed for the manufacture of floor panels. They may be also coated with HPL and CPL laminates, resin papers and natural veneers. The standard HDF-based products are designed to be used in dry rooms.