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SWISS KRONO sp. z o.o.

ul. Serbska 56, 68-200 Żary
woj. lubuskie, POLSKA

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KRONOPOL - High-quality and robust laminate floors made from sustainable wood

Sustainable wood is the basic material for KRONOPOL laminate floors. SWISS KRONO innovative technology ensures flooring with great values to our customers. Our technology is based on high-density fibreboards (HDF 860kg/m3 and 900kg/m3 at Aqua Zero 72h), enhanced by decorative paper and authentic mineral structures that provide long lasting caracter. With different surface structures, from used look to embossed in register 3D, we offer a wide range of visual options and haptics. From white and grey minimalist scandinavian design, throug natural oak tones to chevron designs & concrete optics, our range offers you a possibly to choose want and need.