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Panels for demanding customers

The panels in which the wood structure has been closed will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. The latest line, in which each panel refers to a different smell, taste or appearance, gives the floor a unique character. This wide range of fleeting emotions has been enchanted in a special structure of the panels, creating a perfect harmonious composition.

AURUM was created to please the senses and emphasize the individual character of each house!

When creating Kronopol Aurum Flooring, we took care of every, even the smallest detail. We have worked with the best specialists in wood design, styling and wood processing from around the world. The result of our work is floors for the most demanding customers who value high quality and natural design based on unique patterns of real wood.


Water resistance confirmed by an independent test.
The AQUA ZERO floor not only meets the NALFA test requirements but it also ensures that all its functional and aesthetic properties will be maintained for 72 hours after water spillage, according to the manufacturer’s tests

Do not worry about your floor!
The AQUA ZERO technology consists in combining water resistant high density fibreboard (HDF) with the tight Aqua Pearl lock. A special green HDF forms the panels’ solid core. Moisture, unpleasant odours, bacteria and dirt do not penetrate underneath. Frequent cleaning, including with steam mops, is completely safe.


Resistance to abrasion – The Aurum line floors mean durability guaranteed for 30 years - and even up to 40 years for the Fiori Aqua Zero Collection!


Panels fitted for underfloor heating
The panels can be laid in rooms with water-based and electric underfloor heating systems. This way you gain the floor that is not only beautiful but warm as well.


Seamlessthe possibility to install without  a threshold transition


Maximum floor area to be laid


V-groove– we know very well that v-fuga enriches the wood image, providing it with a touch of class. The use of four-sided v-fuga also increases the visual appeal of an installed floor. Paints used in painting this part of the product are entirely safe and hold all required certificates.


3D synchronous structures - The Aurum panels are made in a 3D synchronous structure that brings nature into your interior. Marvel at the charm of wood in any light, regardless of the season, day or time.

Surface Structures