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SWISS KRONO sp. z o.o.

ul. Serbska 56, 68-200 Żary
woj. lubuskie, POLSKA

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Worktop Collection

Every time we create a new collection, an exciting thrill runs through us. Where will our observations of people, design trends, new and old tastes, our whims and delight
in inspiration lead us this time...

We have had endless conversations about kitchens and about the function of worktops, but also about how cool it is to have something fashionable at home.
The challenge is to try to find something that I like and what works well together in what is fashionable.

A mind map, a simple tool to organise the multiplying impulses in my head, proved helpful. What do we want to include in our collection? What opportunities should
it offer? What emotions should it capture? The new collection features timeless stone and marble, trendy terrazzo, as well as wood full of natural charm. To enrich
our ideas about kitchens and interiors, we sought help from Poland's only senselier, a fragrance expert who gave us a more nuanced view of people and their homes.

Before you get caught up in the whirlwind of choosing, matching and planning, why don't you create your own mind map with everything that's on your mind?

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