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Worktop Collection

Our undeniable asset is imagination, and this has led us to offer NEW WORKTOPS once again after two years. Each time we do so, we surpass our previous designs - inspiring the creation of unique spaces of unlimited beauty.
We have ensured that among our new offerings, there are designs that immediately captivate — such as the breathtaking Fiorentino Marble, which takes the spotlight in our latest collection. It impresses not only with its colours and patterns, but also with its unparalleled cylinder format, enhancing the natural stone impression in any interior. Additionally, within the collection, there are decors that require a moment to appreciate their noble beauty and harmoniously combined shades.
The 6 worktop decors in the new collection match the laminate board decors introduced in 2023, facilitating cohesive compositions. We have also enhanced the collection with the TO-TOUCH ONE surface structure, inspired by stone and mountains. Each new decor, when combined with the latest laminate boards, forms truly inspiring combinations. Indeed, we encountered difficulty in selecting which arrangements to showcase in the catalogue. Our intent was to strike a balance between providing abundant options without overwhelming, while also ensuring that the variety sparks imagination.

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