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Conference for MAGNUMBOARD® OSB Licensees

Noticias | SWISS KRONO Germany

In response to our invitation, MAGNUMBOARD® OSB licensees from all over Europe converged on our Design Station for three days in mid-April. For many years we have cultivated intensive collaboration and mutual trust with these firms, all of which use SWISS KRONO OSB/4 boards to produce modules of this massive timber construction system that can be quickly assembled into amazing buildings.

And we achieved our goal of forging stronger bonds and deepening both the relationships we enjoy with our licensees and their contacts among one another. We succeeded in taking our network and collaboration to a new level at the event.

The firms all took turns introducing themselves in 20-minute presentations. As another priority was providing information to get everyone up to speed on new technologies, we also invited other companies with which we closely collaborate to present and explain their products, which they did in an extremely informative, practically relevant manner:

  • Sto presented products for directly coating MAGNUMBOARD® OSB components and provided valuable tips for everyday work.
  • Pro clima fascinated both us and our licensees with a live demo on the topics of sealing and weather protection at constructions sites.
  • Wolf Bavaria then vividly explained an innovative soundproofing solution for party walls. An exhibit of the ONE-BLOCK WALL was used to answer many questions.

Besides our own presentation on the topic of building physics and certifications, the presentations held by our partners were among the most important parts of the programme.

During them, in the breaks and at a barbecue buffet in the event, there was an exceedingly pleasant, open ambiance that make it easy for everyone to open up and talk to one another, resulting in valuable sharing of information.

Many of the participants expressed the wish to regularly hold get-togethers like this one. And we’re determined to fulfil it. Overall the conference was a resounding success that filled all of us with fresh energy and motivation for our work with SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® OSB.