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Space for meditation and recovery

The trend is all about solitude and the "cave". Today, it is popular not to reach the stars, butto dive into the water - perhaps life is there The association with life on or under water. When we immerse ourselves in water, we dissolve. We rest and recover.

Bright sea colors are mixed with warm rich wood and vintage copper details. The interior is the entire space, where each individual element emphasizes the combination of factures and textures. Not only the walls but also the ceiling has rich natural color. It feels like boundless space holds us tight in its arms.

Decors: 4809 VL Granit Grey, 4810 VL Navy Blue, 3822 OW Dublin Oak, 6921 OW Sirkesi Oak.

Rubik's snake

Remember how you used to twist the Rubik’s Cube and formed different shapes. It is a very adaptive interior. Assign your room to zones with the help of color and structural elements. The overall color palette is light and monochromatic. One main color, two supporting ones. The main secret is the presence of a bright element, thanks to which you can harmonize the entire interior.

Decors: 6932 VL Fungo, U164 VL Anthracite, U120 VL Dove Blue, 4025 OW Concordia Oak.

Light and flexible interior

The inspiration for this interior is eucalyptus, a plant that retains its color with strong aroma when alive or dry. Similarly, the interior is not only about beauty but also the atmosphere.

It is the bright interior that can be adapted to the needs of everyone in the family. Here, we move from large common spaces to designated corners. Divide the room with color in the same color scheme. You can add brightness and uniqueness to such interior with textiles and decor.

Decors: 6933 VL Cashmere, 4148 VL Clear Cement Style, 6926 OV Burge Pine.

Color is also for adults

Playfulness and color are the languages through which we express ourself and interact with the interior. Be bold! Play with rich colors, fascinating shapes, different surfaces, structures and materials. Bring your home to life with playfulness!

Decors: 4435 VL Smoke Blue, 4436 VL Terracotta Red, 4438 VL Dijon Yellow, U164 VL Anthracite, 4079 OW Delano Oak, 6924 OW Cembra Pine.

Quiet luxury

Home for yourself, not for show.

Natural materials in color and origin, various textures stimulate all senses. You can enhance the contrasts by mixturing matte and glossy surfaces, warm wood and cold stone. One color scheme, but many materials mixed together.

Decors: 3188 VL Toffee, 3265 VL Dark Concrete, 3813 OW Barcelona Walnut, raw SWISSCDF.

Conscious minimalism

Conscious living and conscious use of interior decoration materials.

Conscious use of material is felt through soft natural materials and sensitive tactile surfaces that maintain the sense of warmth and comfort at home.

It is reflected in ergonomics: minimum things on the surface, use of storage systems, furniture suitable to the floor.

Decors: 3062 VL Praline, 3261VL Vanillic, 6922 OV Quercus Oak, 6927 OV Cordoba Oak.

The magic box

Out-of-doors, we look like a lotus flower. But when we return into our "magic box", we want to feel like a lotus seed. Here, we and our family are protected from the outside. Accent colors are deep and rich. The dominant color is green, the palette ranges from delicate tones to rich emerald, combined with oak and other valuable traditional materials such as walnut, marble or textiles.

Decors: U514 VL Ivory, 2508 VL Olive, 3829 OW St. Moritz Walnut, 3312 OV Warsaw Oak, raw SWISSCDF.


In the social media and virtual reality we can make a projection of anything in our interior design.

The interior is like a canvas that changes depending on the lighting, be it natural or artificial.

White is an absolute color. It may alter due to our needs or mood.

Decors: U570 VL White Porcelain, 6915 VL Tephra Beton, 6925 OV Natty Pine.