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Durable OSB boards made from natural wood and sustainably produced for wood and shell construction

OSB: The extremely rigid high-tech panel

The OSB panel (oriented strand board) is decorative high-tech product made from natural wood. The chip structure not only gives it its characteristic look, but also the exceptionally high level of bending strength. The OSB panel is made from long, narrow strips of wood that are arranged crosswise with two top layers and one middle layer.


It can be perfectly used universally and decoratively: as a building panel in shell construction, as a constructive element in wood construction, as wall or roof panelling in interior design or as a subfloor panel in the flooring area as well as the packaging industry.

Technical specification

Installation Directions

Logistic information

Format (mm) Thickness (mm) Number of boards
per pallet
Height of pallets (mm) Gross weight* (kg) Net weight (kg) Number of pallets
per truck
2500×1250 10 105 1120 2100 2084 10
2500×1250 12 90 1160 2178 2162 10
2500×1250 15 70 1270 2024 2008 10
2500×1250 18 60 1250 2078 2062 10
2500×1250 22 50 1180 2034 2018 10

*weight deviations ±15%