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The world of fibreboards has a new quality standard: SWISSCDF – Compact Density Fobreboard, made from Swiss wood that originates from sustainably managed forests. SWISSCDF is a compactly compressed, black coloured fibreboard (>1 000 kg/m3),  exactly targeting the heart of the designer with its high density and aesthetic stimuli.



  • moisture resistance. The plate practically does not swell under the influence of moisture (Swelling of a plate on thickness less than 7% in comparison with norm of swelling of MDF - 15%);
  • fire resistance. It is characterized by low flammability and moderate smoke;
  • resistance to various mechanical damages: scratches, abrasions, blows, formation of cracks;
  • high strength and surface density is achieved by coating the plate with a decorative and protective melamine layer of paper;
  • processing friendly. Thanks to its multi-ply design SWISSCDF is predestined for the production of complex and sophisticated routed structures, such as text, logos and joints. With the latest laser and CNC techniques, your creativity knows no limits;
  • environmentally friendly does not contain old wood, without chlorides, biocides and heavy metals in the coating;
  • variety of decors and structures.



SWISSCDF is especially recommended to be used as a structural material for furniture production, decoration of premises where durability and reliability of materials are required:

  • in interior design: cabinet furniture, wall joints, open shelves;
  • in rooms with high humidity (with possible splashes of water, without constant contact with water and not in standing water): furniture facades in kitchens and bathrooms, cabinets in sports and wellness centers, as well as partitions in bathrooms;
  • in shops and shopping centers: fitting rooms, high-quality furniture stores and as a decorative element;
  • for milling inscriptions, logos, ornaments and creating 3D effects using three-dimensional devices.

Stock program

In the SWISS KRONO product range, SWISSCDF is available uncoated or coated (laminated with a layer of impregnated melamine paper on both sides).
The stock program consists of 6 decors. For special production from 2 pallets, SWISSCDF is available in any decor and embossing from the MFC standard collection manufactured by LLC «SWISS KRONO».

Operating instructions

SWISSCDF boards are connected with ordinary screws or synthetic adhesives.
They can be used both raw and laminated, painted, waxed, varnished. The plate does not require additional grinding before processing.
Processing and cutting of the material should be performed using hard metal tools.
For larger batches and when using modern machines, we recommend using a diamond tool. At processing parameters it is necessary to consider high density of material.
To ensure optimal protection against moisture and finishing, black edges are treated with varnish, wax, oil or other hydrophobic media.
SWISS CDF should be stored in a horizontal position on a supportive and level surface. (Ideal storage conditions - 15-25 ° C, humidity 45-65%).
Constant exposure to heat is allowed up to a temperature of 50 ° C. For short periods of time (not more than 1 hour) temperatures up to 90 ° C are allowed.
Constant exposure to temperatures above 50 ° C can lead to cracks on the surface. The surface can be treated with a damp cloth and mild non-abrasive cleaning.



The installation of architecture and design based on SWISSCDF were highly appreciated by Italian, German and Swiss designers at the international forum of artists Fuorisalone:

  • SWISS REX, made entirely of SWISSCDF and developed by SWISS KRONO Group together with Caberlon Caroppi Architetti Associati, decorated the streets of Milan throughout the exhibition;
  • In 2019, installation "Fashion Tale. Pinocchio ", made by SWISSCDF, thanks to its ecological, physical and mechanical properties won in the nomination "BE SUSTAINABLE".


Format   2800 x 2070 mm
Board Thickness (mm) Number of boards per pallet Gross weight* (kg) Number of pallets per truck
Decor  6 15 709 32
8 15 883 26
10 15 1053 21
12 15 1227 18
16 15 1574 14
19 15 1835 12
Raw 6 25 996 23
8 25 1286 17
10 25 1572 14
12 25 1862 12
16 15 1514 15
19 15 1775 12


*weight deviation ±5%