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Melamine Faced Chipboards

The melamine faced chipboard is a product manufactured on the basis of a three-layer chip board covered from both sides by decorative paper infiltrated with melamine resins at the last stage of treatment. The lamination process is achieved through the ability of melamine resins to soak into the top layer of the board under the application of temperature and pressure, creating a firm surface while cooling down.


  • high quality
  • wide color range
  • various formats, thicknesses, surface structures
  • broad application
  • easy treatment
  • safe for the environment (emission class E1)


  • main material in furniture production
  • decorative material for interior decoration


The information about the edges within the One World collection can be found in these documents.

Technical Information. Packaging

Melamine faced chipboards produced by “SWISS KRONO” LLC meet with valid requirements of Technical Conditions of Ukraine 20.2-31147999-003:2002 “Melamine faced chipboards”. Melamine faced chipboards made on the basis of the ТОВ “SWISS KRONO” chipboards which satisfies Ukrainian standards DSTU EN 312-1: 2003 “Particleboards. Specifications. Particleboards. Specifications. General requirements for all board types” and DSTU EN 312-3: 2003 “Particleboards. Specifications. Requirements for boards for interior fitments (including furniture) for use in dry conditions” as well as European standards.

Certificates for Melamine Faced Chipboards are available in the download area


Format 2800 x 2070 мм
Thickness (mm) Number of boards per pallet Gross weight, kg*
Number of pallets per truck
10 25 1239 18
12 40 2258 10
16 16 1132 20
31 2086 11
18 16 1243 18
31 2301 10
22 25 2180 9
25 20 1969 10
28 20 2153 10

*weight deviation ±5%