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“SWISS KRONO” LLC, a company member of SWISS KRONO GROUP, was established in December 2000. At present, the company includes three production branches. They are located in the Lviv Region in Kamianka-Buska, in the Ivano-Frankivsk Region in Broshniv-Osada and in the Kharkiv Region in Solonytsivka.

The history of the company development started in 2000 in the town of Kamianka-Buska. The existing chipboard production line was fully modernized here, the  “Dieffenbacher” two-plate press and the first line for chipboard lamination was installed. And already in February 2002, the first SWISS KRONO particle board was produced. Months later, the first “Siempelkamp” laminating line was already running and three years after that the second laminating line was put into operation. For the worktops production a postforming line was installed at Kamianka-Buska plant in 2008. In January 2012 SWISS KRONO started the production of OSB/3 boards as the first and only company in the Ukraine.

In 2004 “SWISS KRONO” LLC acquired the plant in Broshniv-Osada. During 2004-2005, three more chipboard laminating lines were added to the existing line of production. In 2006, the whole site was modernized and today, the plant in Broshniv-Osada is the most powerful production facility of “SWISS KRONO” LLC. Also in this year a power generating unit for effective utilization of wood waste was constructed here. This modernization significantly reduces gas consumption in chipboard production.

In 2006, the plant in Solonytsivka merged with “SWISS KRONO” LLC. Significant investments into the production facilities of this plant allowed the company to put one more chipboard production line into operation. A “Dieffenbacher” single-plate press, a “Siempelkamp” laminating line and VITS decorative paper impregnation line are running in this plant now.

At present “SWISS KRONO” LLC is the leading producer of chipboards and other products on the basis of chip board like melamine faced chipboards and worktops, as well as the only producer of OSB boards in the Ukraine. The current facilities of the company produce over 700 thousands cubic meters per year, 100 thousands cubic meters of which are OSB/3 boards. There are 6 board laminating units with the capacity of 40 million square meter per year. Additionally, the company produces 1.5 million square meter of worktops and impregnated decorative paper per year.

Today almost 800 employees contribute to the company's success.

The optimal location of plants allows the company to react to market needs flexibly and to manufacture its products in close proximity to the customer. Small distances from storage spaces to the borders and availability of the company’s own access gauges open broad prospects for export of finished products to neighboring and far-abroad countries.

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