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HPL (High pressure laminate)

Decorative plastic HPL (High pressure laminate) is an environmentally friendly, natural product obtained from renewable raw materials, which consists of 70% wood processed into paper and 30% of adding of various resins (phenol, melamine).

As a result of combining resins with paper, a new product with amazing power properties is created.



  • Resistance to temperature changes. Ideal for kitchens, country houses, offices and warehouses
  • Resistance to peeling paper layers due to water vapor
  • Resistance to scratches, abrasions, shocks and vibrations. All design solutions using decorative plastic HPL are reliable and durable
  • Resistance to stains. The material is resistant to stains from coffee, wine, tea, shoe polish and other substances
  • High resistance to chemicals, which usually are used in the home
  • Flexibility and ease in the production and processing of furniture, which allows you to create furniture according to individually designed design. Ideal for the production of horizontal and vertical surfaces, countertops, window sills using postforming technology
  • Ease of care. Does not require special means to maintain cleanliness (quite common, which are used at home and do not scratch the surface)
  • Hygiene and safety. Does not cause sensitization and allergies (hygiene class E1)
  • Environmental friendliness. The material from natural raw materials is ecological from the moment of creation to utilization

Due to the combination of tradition and modernity, the rich color gamma  of  decorative plastic HPL plastic is widely used in the furniture industry and construction. Material is used in the manufacture of furniture by postforming technology, when the board is covered with plastic under the action of high temperature and pressure. The uniqueness of this method is that you can line the parts that have bends.



  • In furniture production (decorative finishing of a top and front surface of furniture);
  • In interior decoration of rooms, bathrooms, doors, elevators etc.;
  • In covering of billboards.


Important information

To achieve the perfect result you need to use (glue) HPL on both sides of the raw board.  It is recommended to use plastic with the same characteristics, in particular, the same thickness on both sides.

Attention! Glue the plastic in one direction on both sides.

Failure to follow the recommendations for the use of plastic can lead to deformation of the core plate. The plastic should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth or sponge and regular detergents. Despite the high characteristics of plastic, it is recommended to remove residual substances from the surface immediately.

The release of formaldehyde from HPL laminate is below the permissible limit for wood materials.
HPL is glued to particle board, is a barrier material and almost completely limits the release of formaldehyde from the board.

Technical characteristics. Certificates

Decorative plastic HPL is made according to the requirements of the current European and international standards, meet the requirements of the EN 438 standard.


Decorative plastic HPL can be sold to customers in the rolls in carton boxes (from 1 pcs.) and on pallets in sheets (from 50 pcs.). It is allowed to packing plastics of different format, thickness and decoration in one box / pallet. Transportation by all delivery services on the territory of Ukraine is possible, provided that the cargo is insured by the carrier company.