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The SWISS KRONO Group was established in Switzerland in 1966 and is a family company with over 5000 employees and sites across the world.

About the Group

The SWISS KRONO Group, headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland, is a leading supplier of wood-based materials. The company offers a wide range of products in the fields of interior design, flooring and building materials. The SWISS KRONO Group generated sales of more than CHF 2.0 billion in the last financial year. The group employs around 5,000 people at ten production sites worldwide. The eight national companies of the SWISS KRONO Group operate in Switzerland, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia and the USA and supply customers in over 120 countries.


The family company has stood for products of the highest quality and an outstanding price-performance ratio for more than 50 years. As experts in wood-based materials, SWISS KRONO Group understands the needs of its clients and therefore meets specialised retailer, processor, planner and end user requirements across the world. For the predominant majority of products, all production steps are executed by SWISS KRONO Group, from selecting suitable wood through to finishing. Consistent quality under a brand name is therefore guaranteed worldwide.


For the most part, the national companies operating independently on the market are the winning formula for innovation. In line with the SWISS KRONO Way of Doing Things, experiences are shared between national companies on a regular basis and successful new developments transferred to other markets. This strategy has proven successful time and time again for setting new standards in matters of design, feel and value.


The group of companies acquires its raw materials exclusively from sustainable wood sources. The production processes in all of the plants are subject to the highest efficiency standards and are regularly assessed by independent institutions. As a group of companies operating internationally, SWISS KRONO Group continues to work on improving all production and business processes in both technical and ecological matters. The company thereby continues to invest in the further development of its existing plants.


SWISS KRONO GROUP's roots lie in the company founded in 1966 by Ernst Kaindl in Menznau/Switzerland. With entrepreneurial acumen and vision, he developed the cornerstone for today's group of companies with a global profile. The first plant was opened outside of Switzerland in France more than 30 years ago. This was followed by branches in Germany, Poland and the USA. The turn of the millennium saw three plants in Ukraine and sites in Russia and Hungary.


The values of company founder Ernst Kaindl are still prevalent for SWISS KRONO Group today. Martin Brettenthaler, CEO and President of the Executive Committee runs the operating businesses.

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