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Worktops are manufactured on the basis of chipboards using postforming technology. They have a wide range of available decors and can be installed and kept clean easily. Worktops of LLC SWISS KRONO are characterized by durability and resistance to a variety of outside factors.


  • Resistance to high temperatures – allows putting hot cookware directly on the worktop
  • Resistance to ultraviolet radiation – worktops do not lose color under the action of sun radiation
  • Resistance to water steam – the steam does not penetrate inside the worktop and does not lead to board stratification
  • Resistance to the influence of chemical substances – domestic detergents do not damage the worktop surface
  • Resistance to the influence of milk, tea, coffee, juices, red wine, vinegar, ink – liquids do not penetrate into the worktop surface and do not create indelible stains
  • Resistance to scratches, blows, abrasion – laminated materials (CPL and HPL) used for production of worktops are manufactured in compliance with EN 438 standards


  • In furniture production
  • As an element of interior decoration for counters, tables, desks and more

Important information

After any mechanical treatment (milling, cutting) of the worktop, the treated parts should be protected from moisture with the use of available sealing materials (for example, silicone). If any appliances are installed under the worktop, its bottom surface should be reliably protected from water steam. The direct placement of hot kitchenware on the surface is allowed except: kettles, metallic pots and frying pans with single-layer or multi-layer bottom that require using insulating pads.

Technical Information


Format (mm) Profile Number of boards
per pallet
Height of pallets (mm) Gross weight* (kg) Number of pallets
per truck
3050×600x28 6K 10 445 420 52
3050x1200x28 66 10 445 825 26
4100×600x28 6K 10 445 580 38
4100×1200x28 66 10 445 1135 19
4100×600x38 6K 10 560 720 30
4100x1200x38 66 10 560 1410 15

*weight deviation ±5%

Storage Program