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One World Collection

Novelty - an impulse to unleash creativity.

When we look at our NEW decors - our imagination takes off! There’s a glimpse of inspiration, a new perspective, a desire to get off the beaten track...

Our novelties come from a careful observation of what is changing in and around us.

In the creation of our new collection, we visited exhibitions and trade fairs in Europe and worldwide, analysed and discussed megatrends, behaviours, every sign of change in the modern world that leaks into our homes, offices, restaurants, conference rooms, cafés... basically everything that affects the way we want to feel in the interior of our choice. 

Out of many megatrends, three spurred the creation of our 38 new decors.
These are: Multiculturalism, which is more visible on the streets every day, individualisation as an expression of diversity, and health with all that determines our positive well-being.

This combination of impulses has resulted in a multifaceted collection: with a whole range of harmonising earthy colours, from lemongrass, aloe vera, sesame, to woven florals with fashionable two-tone slats, soft felt or charmingly elegant art deco walnut... Diversity, from which everyone can choose whatever feels best for them today – that’s what we offer!



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