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Chip boards are three-layer wood-based boards. They are made in the process of pressing a blend of wooden strands and synthetic resin at high temperature. The inner layer of the board is made of thick strands while the outer layers are made of fine strands, which give the board a smooth surface and ensure high mechanical parameters.

The surface is additionally sanded to allow further refining like melamine film coating.

Chip boards show excellent properties and are widely used in the wood processing industry, especially in the furniture industry.


The MDF board is a wood-based product obtained by pressing wood fibres with an addition of synthetic resins under high pressure and at elevated temperature. The resulting material has a homogeneous density and raw material composition along its total cross-selection. The board shows a perfect mechanical workability during machining.

SWISS KRONO MDF boards are designed for the furniture industry, especially for interior decorative finish articles, such as woodwork, e.g. doors. The high quality of the board surface allows its enrichment by covering with melamine films, varnishing and veneering.

Melamine-faced MDF

Our melamine faced boards are products based on three-layer particle boards or MDF, coated on one or two sides with melamine resins impregnated paper, which provides the final surface finish with no need for further treatment. We offer a wide range of different shapes, sizes and decors for all your interior design and furniture building projects.


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