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Human resources

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Sales Department

Yuriy Lekveishvili
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Export Department

Vladimir Borisov
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Elena Ostapenko
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Quality and Metrology

Viktoria Alexeeva
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Purchasing department Office
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Transport logistics

Sergey Ermakov
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As the old saying goes, if one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.

For the Management and the team of SWISS KRONO, the route to success and welfare is quite clear.

OOO SWISS KRONO’s strategic philosophy says: "We must deserve the right to grow and the right to seek investments, that is, we must prove that we can be successful if we use our own resources, our brains and the team".

Actually, our Strategic Planning Department should rather be called a “strategic development department” as it not only develops and approves our strategic plans but also implements its own initiatives.

Such self-reliance yields excellent economic results.

Creation of new technologies and competitive products is one of the things necessary to achieve a strong position on the market. The other thing is to find the right market.

Our main priority is our reputation in the eyes of our clients, suppliers, owners, employees and community.


OOO SWISS KRONO's strategic goals are:

  • Release of high quality competitive environment friendly products meeting the expectations of our customers.
  • Achieving the dominant positions on the domestic and foreign market.
  • Enhancement of profitability, efficiency, and technical excellence of our enterprise.

These goals can be achieved only upon the condition that we ensure the best and the most cost effective forms of organization of our production process, the environmental and occupational safety, and health protection.

To achieve our strategic goals, we have implemented the Integrated Management System meeting the requirements of such international standards as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 that is maintained and permanently improved to ensure continuous enhancement of our Company’s activities in the field of quality assurance, environment protection and occupational health.

We have chosen the main directions to be followed on the way to our goals:

  1. Meeting the requirements to product quality and strictly complying with technological discipline to ensure safe and faultless operation of our equipment.
  2. Organization of production process at our enterprises with regard to the effective use of natural resources, raw materials and energy.
  3. Reducing the negative impact on the environment, ensuring safety and protecting the health of our employees and contractors.
  4. Continuously studying the market demand and timely understanding the consumers’ expectations.
  5. Unconditional performance of all the contractual obligations.
  6. Staffing the enterprise with qualified and experienced personnel.