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OOO SWISS KRONO is one of the leading manufacturers of wood-based boards in Russia.

OOO SWISS KRONO has been successfully producing and developing in Sharya for 20 years. The company is a part of the SWISS KRONO Group, a Swiss group including ten companies based in eight countries: Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, France and Hungary. The SWISS KRONO Group is the world leader in almost all niches of the market it is represented in.

OOO SWISS KRONO has proven itself to be a strong stable company with a positive development dynamics and high economic indicators. Starting as a construction site with just a foundation, it has grown into a powerful manufacturing plant, notable even on a global arena. A lot of work has been done in terms of both the development of the company and the diversification of the high-quality product-line. Annual total output of all types of production amounts to more than 1,2 mln m3.
OOO SWISS KRONO produces and realizes sanded and melamine-faced MDF and chipboards, as well as laminate flooring and wall panels.

The company has a MDF production line with an output of 500 000 m3 annually, two chip board production lines with a total annual capacity of more than 700 000 m3, 7 board lamination lines, 5 laminate flooring lines, one line for wall panel production, as well as modern impregnation lines for decor paper used in the process of melamine-faced MDF and chipboards production.

Production should be environment-friendly and safe for the population.
OOO SWISS KRONO operates a quality system. For each product type there is a plan, encompassing various monitoring and testing techniques, from initial inspection of purchased raw materials and other supplies to inspection and testing of the end product. All products released by the company meet the European quality standards and ecological norms (E-1 formaldehyde emission class according to the European classification).

A certified Integrated Management System has been implemented and is functioning at the ООО SWISS KRONO. The certificate of conformity confirms that the management of quality, ecology, health and safety is organized in accordance with the most modern standards:

GOST R ISO 9001-2015 Quality management systems,

GOST R ISO 14001-2016 Environmental management systems,

GOST R ISO 45001-2020 Occupational safety and health management systems.

There are biological treatment facilities functioning on the territory of the plant for production wastewater treatment, as well as treatment facilities for rainwater drainages. After the treatment has been completed the drainages are reused in the production process. The air, soil and water conditions are systematically monitored.

SWISS KRONO LLC is certified by the Russian voluntary certification system “Forest Etalon”, which promotes environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management. The Forest Etalon system is based on internationally recognized requirements and the best accumulated national practices; controls the legality of timber harvesting, accordance to high social and environmental requirements, and the integrity of supply chains. SWISS KRONO processes non-industrial wood only.

Environment protection is an integral part of development process of the company.

The success of SWISS KRONO should, without a doubt, be attributed to the employees of the company. But it is also the end result of meticulous work on the part of design engineers, authorities preparing project approval, as well as both Russian and international construction and installation companies.

OOO SWISS KRONO offers jobs to responsible and active candidates. Here everyone has an opportunity to realize their career and professional aspirations.

OOO SWISS KRONO is confidently looking to the future and continues to strengthen its position as one of the leading manufacturers of furniture boards, laminate flooring and wall panels in Russia.