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Human resources

HR department Office
+74944959602 [email protected]

Sales Department

Yuriy Lekveishvili
+74944959640 [email protected]

Export Department

Vladimir Borisov
+74944959602 [email protected]


Elena Ostapenko
+74944959794 [email protected]

Quality and Metrology

Viktoria Alexeeva
+74944959806 [email protected]


Purchasing department Office
+74944959622 / +74944959623 [email protected]

Transport logistics

Sergey Ermakov
+74944959739/+79106603107 [email protected]

SWISS KRONO Flooring Visualizer

See our products in your environment.

Use the SWISS KRONO Flooring Visualizer to plan your floors virtually. With the tool you are able to view all decors of our Flooring products in either the provided roomshots or even in your own room. Choose a provided room design or upload a picture of your living room, your kitchen, your bathroom or a commercial room and browse through our decors.


  1. Start the SWISS KRONO Visualizer by using the button below or the links on list pages and product detail pages.

  2. Pick an existing room or upload your own image using your smartphone or desktop computer.

  3. Use the sidebar on the left to search and filter our products. Play around and view different decors in the room.

  4. You can download a high resolution image with the selected product in the room and also share or email the configured room design.