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The Fundamental Principles

Environmental protection is an integral part of OOO SWISS KRONO's development. We are engaged in:

  • Rational use of natural resources.
  • Reducing the negative impact on the environment.
  • Monitoring the environmental objects.
  • Planning and implementing activities in the field of environmental protection.
  • Managing impacts of its activities, products and services on the environment.


I. Rational use of forest resources

OOO SWISS KRONO puts special emphasis on the careful use of natural resources. Only the wood left as a result of accretion cutting, as well as the materials of sawmill recycling are used in production. 30% of the total volume of used wood resources comes from sawmill waste. Among the used waste from saw mills are wood strips, slab wood and crushed wood.


II. Reducing the negative impact on the environment

Emissions treatment systems

  • 89 organized stationary sources of pollution agents.
  • 65 sources have systems of emissions treatment.
  • 47 bag filters.
  • 13 cyclone filters.
  • 2 cyclone groups.
  • 3 systems of water scrubbing.

Drainage treatment

2 drainage treatment lines:

  • Treatment line for rain and drainage waters (mechanical and physicochemical treatment of drainage)
  • Treatment line for industrial wastes (mechanical, physicochemical and biological treatment of waste)

Alternative fuel types

To reduce the consumption of fuel and minimize the volume of emissions of combustion products into the atmosphere, the following alternative types of fuel are used for chipboards and MDF drying machines:

  • Timber dust, the result of the technological process.
  • Thermal emissions.

Repeated waste use

Wood waste is used on site as fuel to produce thermal energy.


III. Monitoring the state of the environment

In order to meet the requirements to protect the environment, OOO SWISS KRONO ensures industrial ecological monitoring, which includes:

Laboratory analysis of the emissions from the stationary sources of the plant to make sure the standards for permissible emissions are not violated.

Determining the efficiency of treatment facilities for emissions and pollution agents from the stationary sources of the plant.

  • Average efficiency of treatment for wood dust in bag filters amounts to 95.5%.
  • Average efficiency of treatment for suspended substance in cyclone filters is 93.89%.
  • Average efficiency for formaldehyde and methanol emissions from the chipboard and MDF press-machines in water scrubbing systems is 83.36%.

Laboratory analysis of pollution content at the border of the sanitary protection zone and the area of influence of the plant.

  • Laboratory analyses at the border of the sanitary protection zone are held in fixed checkpoints with the assistance of a qualified contracted company.
  • The frequency of the analyses has been agreed upon with the sanitary and epidemiological services of the Kostroma region.
  • One of the checkpoints has an installed stationary observation point, monitoring pollution of the atmosphere. The point is equipped with devices that are taking air samples automatically at different times of the day, allowing us to analyse the samples in the air laboratory of the plant.

Laboratory analysis of the water quality in our surface water body, attached to the territory of the plant.

In order to determine the influence of the drainages two hydrochemical control sections are put into place: the south and the north end of Lake Podbornoye. An analysis of the quality of the waste and the water is conducted with the assistance of a certified laboratory.

Laboratory analysis of water quality in underground sources of water supply.

Under the license for sub-surface use SWISS KRONO owns 12 artesian wells. Water from these wells is used for technological and utility purposes. The quality of the water is determined by the certified laboratory of the sanitary and epidemiological service of Sharya.

Laboratory analysis of soil quality at the industrial site of the plant.

In accordance with the program for production control, 8 soil quality control points have been installed at the industrial site of SWISS KRONO and the adjoining territory. Laboratory analyses are held by the laboratory of the sanitary and epidemiological service of Sharya.

Industrial monitoring of waste management.

Industrial monitoring of waste management includes:

  • Organisation and maintenance of the order and the rules for waste management.
  • Records of the generated, used, treated, transferred or received, as well as allocated waste.
  • Monitoring of the state of the environment on locations of waste disposal.


IV. Managing the impact of all types of activities, production and services on the environment

A certified Integrated Management System has been implemented and is functioning at the ООО SWISS KRONO. The certificate of conformity confirms that the management of quality, ecology, health and safety is organized in accordance with the most modern standards:

GOST R ISO 9001-2015 Quality management systems,

GOST R ISO 14001-2016 Environmental management systems,

GOST R ISO 45001-2020 Occupational safety and health management systems.

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