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Human resources

HR department Office
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Sales Department

Yuriy Lekveishvili
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Export Department

Vladimir Borisov
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Elena Ostapenko
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Quality and Metrology

Viktoria Alexeeva
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Purchasing department Office
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Transport logistics

Sergey Ermakov
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Useful Information
about Laminate

Laminate technology is based on high-density fibreboard (HDF). This is a wood-based material consisting of wooden fibres that have been soaked in adhesive and pressed together under heat with very high compression (over 800 kg per cubic metre). Attractive, decorative paper that has been protected against mechanical damage with a resilient, abrasion-resistant protective film is then pressed onto the surface. A compact, fine film on the underside also serves to protect the wood core against damp.

Panel Construction

KRONOSTAR laminate flooring consists of three stable layers which ensure the extraordinary durability and unique quality of the product.

1. The protective layer (overlay) is an abrasion-resistant film that additionally protects the panel from moisture, dirt and UV rays. The resistance to abrasion depends on the thickness of the film.

2. Decorative paper - paper with a pattern of wood decor, stone, tiles or any design ideas. The repeatability of the pattern is 5-10 planks. 

3. High density fibreboard HDF - a board with a high density of over 860 kg/m3. Environmental Class E1.

4. Stabilizing layer - a film which absorbs surface tension of all layers and partially protects the laminate from moisture.



Decor Types




Abrasion Class


Abrasion class Low or Occasional Use Areas
AC3 floor panels are designed for residential use areas with any load and commercial areas with low load (living rooms, children’s rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, hallways, hotel rooms, conference rooms).


Abrasion class Medium Use Areas
AC4 floor panels may be used in residential facilities with any load and commercial areas with a medium load (living rooms, children’s rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, hotel rooms, hallways, conference rooms, boutiques, offices).


Abrasion class Intensive Use Areas
AC5 floor panels may be used in residential facilities with any load and in commercial areas with an intensive load (living rooms, children’s rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, hotel rooms, hallways, conference rooms, large offices, department stores).

Double Click System

The lock Double Click made from four sides of each laminate flooring panel considerably improves quality of construction and minimizes the possibility of lock damage when installation.

5G System

On the long side floor panels are laid according to Сlick system. End locks automatically lock into place thanks to the 5G system. The removable polymer insert, having great flexibility and reinforced with glass fiber, mounted into the lock. Simplicity of the system allows you to quickly disassemble the connected panels.


Unsuitable for the places of direct contact with water and facilities with hyper humidity

DOUBLE CLICK and 5G systems considerably improve construction quality

Easy care


High temperature resistant (cigarettes etc.)

Light resistant

Stain-resistant, including chemically active household substances (vinegar, acid etc.)

Well suited for installation over subfloor heating

Surface abrasion resistant

Walking comfort

Load pressure, scratch and hollow resistant

Emission class E1