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Quality promise

From the natural raw material wood to the industrial mass product, the ratio of superior quality to low price is always our top priority at SWISS KRONO.

Thus the group manages and controls all the stages of the manufacturing process. This begins with the choice of wood in the forest, extends to each stage of the production and also forges relationships with customers and partners. Only products that meet the strict quality criteria are allowed to leave the group's factories. With this in mind, SWISS KRONO is committed to meeting the wishes of its customers and to develop wooden solutions for living spaces with the highest standards on a daily basis.

SWISS KRONO offers a wide range of wood-based materials: decorative products for interior design, high-quality laminate floors and products for wooden construction. Find out how they are produced!

The manufacturing process

Our production process - from raw wood to high end product

The wood arrives in the form of logs or in bulk at the wood yard. It is then transformed into chips (for particle boards) or strips (for OSB) and the result is dried and sorted to form the different layers of the panels. It is then glued and placed on the continuous line of the press. The pressing is carried out at high pressure and temperature to cook the panel before it is cut lenghtwise by a diagonal saw. The panels are then passed through star-shaped cooler and cut across the width before being stacked and placed in storage. Our slab workshops make it possible to transform particle board and OSB into slabs (with groove and tongue shaping). The particle boards can then be used as a support for melamine decorative panels and shelves: The melamine workshop's presses are used to glue the decor paper to the raw particle board. In the end, each panel goes through a vigorous visual inspection before being automatically stacked, strapped and stored for shipment.

OSB - made with our continuous OSB press for optimal productivity

After being debarked, sliced, dried and sorted, the strips pass through the gluing machines, where they are sprayed with formaldehyde-free glue. The moulding machines form the "mat" on a conveyor belt: the first and last moulders on the belt form the outer layers and are equipped with orienters to make the slats run in the lengthwise direction of the panel, the other two moulders form the inner layer of the panel. The mat is then being pressed at 250°C with a pressure of 300 bar. After that, the panels are cut continuously by 2 diagonal saws and placed in the coolers before being processed for shipping. Two-thirds of the OSB production is worked into slabs with tongue and groove shaping. The other third of the produced panels are used in construction: walls, roofing floors, timber-framed houses, but also in packaging and increasingly in interior design.

Melamine faced boards - our refinement process for exceptional interior products

The support panels are manufactured in the particleboard workshop, following a process similar to that of OSB, on a 33 m long continuous press. After that, the refinement process starts in our sandwich press with one sheet of melamine paper on both faces of the raw panel and a 190°C pressing process over a few seconds. This high temperature and pressure melts the melamine resins and makes it possible to print relief structures into the decor panel, giving it near endless design possiblities. The finished boards can be cut into shelves with a melamine edge. In the end, our high quality inspection and packing process ensures the products meet our standards and are ready to be shipped.