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A universe of possibilities

Furniture decors which are as varied and inspiring as the world itself. Created in line the latest global design trends, scouted by our continually intense market monitoring. Specially tailored to our customers’ exact demands. Our ONE WORLD Collection from SWISS KRONO encompasses the most varied monotone, wood and design surfaces, which can be combined in continually new ways and fit perfectly.

This means we are able to open up all building areas to a diverse range of design possibilities. Regardless of where the ONE WORLD Collection comes to use – the perfect individual solution is always just a few steps away. Thanks to our numerous production locations, and our wide-reaching sales network, we are where you are. Everywhere in the world.


Wether you prefer bold colours, exceptional mordern styles or a classic wood finish - we have the right decors in our ONE WORLD collection







With its wide choice of trendy colours and surfaces, our ONE WORLD satisfies every conceivable taste.The complete collection of 54 basic colours of the ONE WORLD COLLECTION that we have assembled for you reflects current trends in international design.

With this collection, you can dare to experiment.



The natural wood look is both elegant and timeless. This design is versatile and will perfectly enhance any style. Oak, beech or birch: our wooden decors imitate real wood, without compromise.



Discover our metal and fancy decors: furniture panels in modern metal shades or a stone or concrete look capture the trend that is all the rage in interior design. The metal decors are available in silver metallic, platinum metallic and brass metallic versions. Our fancy decors are extremely modern with industrial accents. All of them are offering a top-of-the-range look, giving each piece a unique character.



Inspired by true limestone and textile surfaces, we have created a material which lends a unique “vintage” look to living spaces with a light touch. CamuStyle TX features an impressive look and feel. Its rugged texture creates a pleasant atmosphere at the same time and opens up as yet unexplored design possibilities in terms of furnishings and interior design.

Inspired by concrete, textures, metal and textiles. A unique product on the market which appeals to more than just the sense of touch.


Our decors imitate textures with a deceptive level of realism. Furniture panels have an impressive surface texture with very deep pores, which gives a natural feel to the touch. The collection includes a wide range of imitations of wood and minerals.