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Attractive floor made of the best wood

SWISS KRONO Flooring - High-quality and robust laminate floors made from sustainable wood

High-quality wood is the basic material for SWISS KRONO laminate floors. Our innovative laminate technology ensures stylish flooring covers that leave nothing to be desired in terms of care, resistance and indoor climate. This technology is based on high-density fibreboards (HDF), which are enhanced by an attractive decorative paper and an authentic surface structure. With almost 20 different laminate collections, from the GRAND SELECTION to SWISS SYNC CHROME, we offer the full range of visual options. From natural wood designs with boards and versions with a tile look right through to models with synchro pores for original texture, our range offers everything you could possibly want or need.

SWISS KRONO Special Flooring Collections

Our laminate wood flooring: Sophisticated look, resistant material

When it comes to flooring, how it looks is only half the battle, as the laminate is still frequently exposed to mechanical stress on a daily basis. Furniture and other objects of various weights that are yet to have found a permanent home are put on it, walking boots tread over the surface countless times, and dirt can penetrate the structure. The result is subtle, but can be obvious and disruptive over time: scratches, dents and chippings must be replaced, which can prove costly. This is why our wood flooring is fitted with a scratch-resistant, robust protective film that protects laminate floors against mechanical damage. Depending on the version, it comes complete with the wear resistance category AC3/31, AC4/32 or even the highest robustness specification AC5/33 for areas that are subject to wear. Even the underside of the laminate has a high level of workmanship in the form of a compact, fine film that protects the wood core against damp and ensures that the laminate stays dimensionally stable.