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A versatile product for interiors

Made mainly from debarked pine and spruce wood, SWISS KRONO MDF excels with consistently high-quality fibre and a light colour. Owing to its fine fibre structure, this classic material is ideally suited for working and shaping.

The production of MDF (medium-density fibreboard) is a synthesis of a natural raw material and innovative technology. They have a bulk density of about 680 to 810 kg/cu.m and boast high bending strength and strong internal bonds. 

The raw material we use to make our MDF boards is high-quality coniferous wood from debarked pine and spruce logs; mainly fresh thinnings from sustainably managed forests are used. First the wood is refined into fibre, then mixed with a binder and finally gently pressed. The result is an engineered wood product with a homogeneous structure both longitudinally and laterally: eco-friendly boards that are easy to work and use and are suitable for a vast range of furniture and interior applications. 


Positive Environmental Footprints 

In addition to their multifunctional properties, SWISS KRONO MDF products also actively help to protect the climate. Each cubic metre of SWISS KRONO MDF stores about 1000 kg of CO2 and keeps it bound up until the end of the product’s useful life. 

All SWISS KRONO MDF boards are energy-conserving products, because they store more energy than it takes to produce them. In addition, these engineered wood products have been classified as having a negative “Global Warming Potential” (GWP). 

Product Advantages

  • Homogeneous structure 
  • No knots or cracks, no grain direction 
  • Good mechanical strength and workability 
  • Smooth, uniform surfaces as a result of pressing and finely distributed fibre 
  • Wide range of uses 



  • Classic material for furniture and interior uses, also for shops and trade fair stands
  • Ideal for painting, lacquering, coating, veneering, laminating and thermofoiling
  • Excellently suited for drilling, milling etc.


  • MDF raw boards - dry environment 
    Format: 2800 x 2070
    Thickness: 8 mm / 12 mm / 16 mm / 19 mm / 22 mm
  • MDF raw boards - humid environment 
    Format: 2800 x 2070
    Thickness: 19 mm
  • MDF raw boards - fireproof Euroclass B-s2, d0 (M1) 
    Format: 2800 x 2070
    Thickness: 19 mm
  • MDF Lackline boards - 1 raw side / 1 decor side 
    Format: 2800 x 2070
    Thickness: + 3 mm
    Decors: white melamine (L8110) / grey melamine (L8150)