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What is the recruitment process like at the SWISS KRONO Group?

Please submit your application to us by post or email. You will receive confirmation of receipt from us as soon as it arrives. If shortlisted for a position, you will be invited to attend an interview. In some cases, there may be a second interview. Then we will make a decision.

Which supporting documents should I submit with my application?

Please send us a cover letter, your curriculum vitae and any relevant certificates and references.

Do you also offer part-time positions?

No, company doesn’t offer part-time work.


How big is the SWISS KRONO Group?

The SWISS KRONO Group employs 4800 people across ten plants in eight countries. The company supplies its products to 121 countries around the world and generated a gross turnover of 1.8 billion CHF (1.6 billion EUR) in the 2017/2018 financial year.

When was the SWISS KRONO Group founded?

In 1966 in the Swiss municipality of Menznau.

Where and how can I buy products from the SWISS KRONO Group?

You will find a huge selection of products from the SWISS KRONO Group available from (specialist) retailers. Take a look at the retailer search function on this page to find a retailer in your area.


What actually are wood-based materials?

The production of wood-based materials involves chopping up wood into tiny pieces, which are then reformed into new shapes – generally using a binding agent. This makes it possible to transform the irregular material of wood into a uniform wood-based material that’s suitable for a whole host of different applications.

What exactly is laminate?

Laminate technology is based on high-density fibreboard (HDF). This is a wood-based material consisting of wooden fibres that have been soaked in adhesive and pressed together under heat with very high compression (over 800 kg per cubic metre). Attractive, decorative paper that has been protected against mechanical damage with a resilient, abrasion-resistant protective film is then pressed onto the surface. A compact, fine film on the underside also serves to protect the wood core against damp.

What is OSB?

The high-tech OSB (short for oriented strand board), also known as waferboard, is made from long, narrow strips of wood. These strips are arranged crosswise with two top layers and one middle layer to offer an exceptionally high level of bending strength.

What is synchronised decor?

Synchronised decor is where the visual impact and embossing effect dovetail together for a result that is virtually indiscernible from solid wood.

Is the One World Collection coordinated?

Yes, the One World collection is a coordinated range. This means that all decors are also available in edgebanding and laminate.

Are the decors melamine or laminate?

Both choices are possible, depending on your needs.

Stockists in the sector?

To find resellers of our products, please refer to our reseller map. The availability of our products varies according to the retailer and their stocks.

How do I maintain melamine and laminate panels?

Our melamine and laminate panels can be cleaned using a sponge or soft cloth and non-abrasive liquid products. To find out more, read our information sheet on the use and care of decorative panels.

Who can install the SwissClic Panel? Do I need any training?

We have a very simple installation tutorial, so no training is required to install the SwissClic Panel. We'll be happy to help you if you need it.

Who converts the CDF panel?

We supply the panel in full format. The conversion of our products is carried out by external contractors such as joiners or fitt.

Is the CDF compatible with ERP standards?

Yes, our CDF is fire-retardant and Bs2d-0 certified.

Is SWISS CLIC.PANEL compatible with ERP standards?

Yes, our SwissClic panel is fireproof and Bs2d-0 certified.

Where can I find DOP sheets, product sheets, environmental certificates, etc…

All the product data sheets, DOPs and other certificates are available on the product pages or directly in the dedicated area.

Can the panels be used in a bathroom?

Our decorative panels can be used in damp areas such as bathrooms, provided they are water-repellent and do not come into direct contact with water.

Where are your melamine-coated chipboard panels manufactured?

Our melamine-coated particleboard is manufactured in France at our Sully-sur-Loire site, with the exception of TX and SX finishes, which are made in Switzerland.

What is the format and size of the decorative panels?

The standard format for our decorative panels is 2800x2070 mm in 8 or 19 mm thickness. For more information on the other formats available, please consult the melamine panels and worktops page.