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Tree sponsorships for actively protecting the climate – let’s grow together!

As a producer of wood-based materials, we are acutely aware of the importance of sustainably managing our resources. By enabling the use of wood as a construction material, we directly contribute to reducing the overall carbon footprint and protecting the environment. Building with wood isn’t only about quality and a long useful life, but also about actively helping to protect the Earth’s climate.

We are launching a climate protection initiative in which we will work with our partners to plant trees. This will not only beautify our landscapes, but also make a direct contribution to sequestering carbon. Each and every tree that we plant symbolises our commitment to safeguarding nature and preserving our planet for future generations.

We’re committed to breaking new ground! At the start of 2024 we began looking for tree sponsors to participate in our programme. And, thanks to the hard work of members of our field sales force, we have found some wonderful partners. We proudly presented some tender Scots pine seedlings at the DACH+HOLZ trade fair in Stuttgart. We want to shape the future hand in hand with our partners, as expressed by the motto ‘We’re growing together!’ .

We are pleased that so many fair attendees accepted our invitation to sponsor a little pine tree. They are more than just trees; they also symbolize our shared climate protection vision and our path into a sustainable future.

Is climate change real?

We held a dedicated conference with the motto ‘Shaping the Future’ in Wittstock/Dosse, Germany in 2023. The presentations were kicked off by Prof. Dirk Notz of the Oceanography Institute of the University of Hamburg. This polar and climate researcher is one of the lead authors of the most recent report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). You can watch his fascinating presentation on the topic of climate change here:

ZUKUNFT GESTALTEN | Holz – Nachhaltigkeit – Design – Inspiration - Part 1 - YouTube


SWISS KRONO tree sponsorships

Our tree sponsors find a nice place where they can plant and tend their protégés on their own property. We monitor and support them.

SWISS KRONO tree planting campaign

We’re planning another large initiative for later this year: together with our tree hosts, we will plant seedlings in the immediate vicinity of our corporate site. We will follow our foresters’ advice for planting them. The types of trees chosen will depend on the surrounding forest, which contains exactly the right mix of species for a properly functioning ecosystem. The planting campaign will begin in the autumn.

Profile: Scots pine (also called Baltic pine or European red pine

This species is highly heat-resistant and thrives in all soils.

Max. girth: 500 to 1000 cm
Max. height: 10 to 40 m

Planting and tending tips for our tree sponsors

  • To encourage good growth, choose a sunny to partly shaded site with a very permeable soil.
  • It’s best to plant trees in the spring or autumn.
  • Loosen the soil before planting.
  • Dig a sufficiently large hole in the ground to accommodate the root ball.
  • Plant at least one or two metres away from other trees.
  • When placing the tree, carefully unravel the roots. Don’t put it too deep in the ground.
  • Sprinkle water on the soil and gently press it down around the tree.
  • You may want to spread mulch on the ground around the tree to prevent it from drying out and inhibit weed growth.
  • Regular watering, especially during dry periods in the first year, encourages growth.
  • Apply organic fertilizer in the spring.