The term sustainability originates from forestry and was first formulated over 300 years ago: In his work “Sylvicultura Oeconomica”, Hans Carl von Carlowitz (1645–1714) advocated for the first time that only as much wood should be felled as could grow again through planned afforestation, sowing and planting.

The SWISS KRONO Group feels strongly committed to this premise. All divisions of the SWISS KRONO Group consistently adhere to defined sustainability criteria for the protection of resources. The efficient and sustainable use of wood as a natural resource has priority. The Group uses recycled wood where this is possible without compromising quality. And it generates most of the energy it needs from renewable sources.

For SWISS KRONO, it goes without saying that we try to procure all resources as locally as possible in order to minimise transport distances. If possible, longer distances are covered by rail transport. In addition, our products are usually recycled at the end of their life cycle as raw materials or for energy generation – which makes sense for the environment, SWISS KRONO and our customers.