The undisputed leader in large-format OSB products

"Longer is better!" is the motto for SWISS KRONO LONGBOARD OSB. Offering boards with lengths of up to 18 metres, SWISS KRONO is the undisputed leader in large-format OSB products.

Since March 2016, SWISS KRONO succeeded in producing all of their OSB grades in lengths up to 18 metres. To make this possible, they modified the production, material handling and logistical systems at the site in Germany so that very large boards could be produced and transported in one piece. Prior to that, 15 metres was the limit. Now SWISS KRONO is the world’s only manufacturer that has managed the feat of successfully producing this extraordinary format.

The demand for these highly practical large formats is increasing. And SWISS KRONO are now prepared to meet these wishes by producing various SWISS KRONO OSB grades as Longboards.SWISS KRONO LONGBOARD OSB are not actually a different product, but merely longer versions of the various kinds of OSB boards offered: from SWISS KRONO OSB/3 to SWISS KRONO OSB/4, with sanded or Contifinish surfaces and between 15 and 40 millimetres thick. Every SWISS KRONO OSB board with a length between 6.5 and 18 metres is defined as a Longboard.