Cascading: Thinking and acting in cycles

The sustainable use of wood as a raw material and concerns for the environment shape all our decisions. With our certified environmental management system according to ISO 14001, we are continuously optimising our consumption of resources. We plan and act in cycles – from prudent product planning and raw material procurement, efficient, environmentally compatible production processes and logistics solutions through to the recycling of materials used. Our goal: to shape our ecological footprint optimally.

We use the raw material, wood, several times in a cascade and thus actively contribute to CO2 reduction. Thanks to the latest technologies, all raw materials are recycled as completely as possible and used optimally. In the last step, it is used as a source of energy for further production. Thanks to recovery, we use the energy flows several times. SWISS KRONO Switzerland recycles everything that cannot be used directly in the product and thus optimally shapes the wood cycle.