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The new app: AR Interior Designer

Whether uni, wood or design surfaces, the SWISS KRONO ONE WORLD Collection can always be recombined and precisely customised. Designing living spaces is as individual as we humans are. So it is especially important to find exactly the surface that suits your project. This App helps you find the right product easily.

Give free rein to your creativity:

  • Install the app
  • Activate your camera
  • Choose a surface or furniture
  • Choose a decor
  • Design your own interior!

With the filters you can find our varied decors by color, material, style or highlights easy and suitable for you.
The augmented reality mode is enhanced with in-app-infos to explain the user how it works. The core function is the ability to select real surfaces through the smartphone by setting each corner point of a surface. To those set surfaces the user can then add a decor and try out different ones in order to visualize better the different decors that SWISS KRONO offers.