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New MAGNUMBOARD® OSB Licensee: Balteschwiler in Switzerland

Новости | SWISS KRONO Germany

Welcome to the team, Balteschwiler! We’re proud to have you as a new licensee for MAGNUMBOARD® OSB and are looking forward to working with you. 


Balteschwiler is our first Swiss licensee for manufacturing this solid timber construction system. Supplementing the services it already provides for solid wood boards, Balteschwiler will immediately start making modules and other elements from SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® OSB. This Swiss firm based in Laufenburg on the German-Swiss border is ideally positioned to produce, cure and flexibly prefabricate modules of this SWISS KRONO OSB/4-based solid timber construction system. Three five-axis CNC systems and a vacuum press enable it to very precisely and rapidly handle all of the operations involved, from joining boards all the way to assembling entire modules. “We’ve added SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® OSB to our portfolio and can also directly coat it as required, especially for use in walls,” says Markus Fuhrer, Balteschwiler’s CTO. “Going forwards we’re now positioned to supply all relevant solid wood system from a single source, which we regard as a major 

benefit for the timber construction market in the parts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland around Lake Constance.” 


A Shared Passion for Wood 

The company of Balteschwiler is on the who’s who list of Switzerland’s largest and most experienced woodworking firms, boasting a history reaching back more than 230 years and possessing correspondingly extensive experience. Its roughly 100 staff are united by a passion for wood that continues to drive its further evolution and growth. Recently the company invested in two new CNC wood router machines and an automated flat-shelf warehouse that enable it to output up to 500,000 m² of solid wood boards per year – to which up to 30,000 m² of MAGNUMBOARD® OSB boards are now about to be added. 

We are extremely pleased to have an established firm like Balteschwiler, which shares our passion for wood, backing us up as a licensee. Timber construction is extensively practised in Austria and Switzerland, and we therefore also want to help drive the spread of modular building in that region with MAGNUMBOARD® OSB.