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The SWISS KRONO Show Module

The Idea: A Solid Wood Module on Wheels

The Show Module was inspired by asking “What’s the best way to acquaint potential buyers with a engineered wood construction system that’s ideal for modular building?” The answer: create a hands-on exhibit that will let them directly experience its properties and benefits by touching. Then all that was left was to attach wheels underneath and a tractor in front – and the SWISS KRONO Show Module was ready to roll! A mobile showroom that can go anywhere and be used for a vast range of purposes.

At numerous trade fairs and architecture events and during the 2022 and 2023 SWISS KRONO Summer Roadshows, more than 2,500 people experienced the Show Module. Then it was time for an update – so we took the underlying idea and the module itself to the next level. Inspired by the idea of Tiny Houses, the second-generation Show Module features a flexibly configurable interior for inspiring product presentations in a small space. Now the showcased product portfolio is considerably broader, including everything from floors to ceilings.

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Production: Large-format, custom-produced modules

Six 10cm-thick modules up to 9.98 metres long were precisely prefabricated and assembled by one of our licensees. Various types of insulation and different outside designs demonstrate the system’s versatility. Large glazed windows let visitors look in or look out, and an attachable staircase invites them to step inside the module.

The Amazing Interior

Welcome to the world of modern interior decorating with engineered wood from SWISS KRONO! Various options for directly covering MAGNUMBOARD® OSB by plastering, tiling or painting are demonstrated, plus dedicated modules for soundproofing and fire protection. Visitors can also take advantage of interactive exhibits to peer inside the walls.

Right in the entrance, they can admire BE.YOND ecoWALL in an attractive floral-like graphical design. This eco-friendly wall panel comes in a wide range of special patterns and décors which are sure to delight interior decorating fans.

Half of the Show Module is fitted with an SWISSCLICPANEL-A+ acoustic ceiling which absorbs sound to noticeably improve the indoor acoustics and intelligibility of speech. A divider makes it possible to perform tests by directly comparing how it sounds with and without a SWISSCLICPANEL-A+ ceiling.

On display are two different flooring products that harmonise with one another exceedingly well. One is Concrete Grey (D4544), a bright, finely structured stone décor belonging to the COREPEL family of virtually indestructible, water-resistant designer floors. The other is Loft Kashmir Oak Nature (R1021) of the rooms collection; this astonishingly authentic-looking wood décor resists exposure to water for 24 hours.

Engineered Wood Materials

Everything consists of large-format modules made with the solid wood-based material SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® OSB. Its surfaces are visible in many places inside. Here and there are cutaways revealing the insides of the walls and how features such as cable conduits have been prefabricated. A major advantage of this solid wood-based construction system is the possibility of directly covering or coating interior surfaces. Inside the module, various options – including Sto, Caporol and Claytec plasters – are illustrated in the form of magnetically attached samples that can be taken down to examine them up close. In the partial kitchen/bathroom area, tiles mounted right on the OSB surface are visible.

Small drawers and fold-out boxes contain samples of various kinds of OSB boards to let you experience our various OSB grades and look at various modules made with them from all sides.



A finely structured, light-grey stone décor called Concrete Grey (D4544), which belongs to COREPEL’s ESSENCE collection, excels not only with extreme robustness and water resistance but also with simple elegance and purist aesthetics.

On the opposite side of the module, Kashmir Oak Nature (R1021) of the rooms collection stands out with an authentic-looking wood décor that even pros can barely distinguish from the real thing.


Furniture and Interior Finishing

The module is split into two themed halves, each of which boasts a different flooring and ceiling. One side has an acoustic ceiling with SWISSCLIC PANEL-A+, which absorbs sound to noticeably improve the indoor acoustics. Try it out: stand in the middle of the space and clap your hands, first on the side with the acoustic ceiling and then on the side without it. You’ll clearly hear the difference. It’s also detectable while listening to a demo that simulates a fairly loud café situation.

The anthracite-coloured wall with round graphical patterns presents eco-friendly BE.YOND ecoWALL wall panelsthat let you quickly enhance rooms with attractive accents.


Interactive with Multimedia:

The module also contains several monitor screens showing product and corporate image films. They can also be used for presentations during meetings. When visiting, you can use a tablet computer to put the SWISS KRONO PLANNING system through its paces. Filters make it quick and easy for you to find the right component for a particular building project or meet certain requirements.

Would you like to take advantage of the Show Module for our event? Or do you have questions on it or SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® OSB? If so, please contact one of the following experts:

On tour: jack it up and you’re good to go!

You can take it on tour by placing it on a steel-frame undercarriage which complies with the German road traffic regulations. With a special permit for oversize vehicles up to three metres wide, the Show Module can roll through the land towed by a lorry tractor.

The front is protected by a silver-grey tarpaulin system with eyes for easy attachment and removal.

Dimensions with exchangeable frame: 9.98 x 2.98 x 3.05 metres (LxWxH)
Dimensions to top of roof piece without exchangeable frame: 9.98 x 2.98 x 2.89 metres (LxWxH)

The Show Module can also be placed on a level surface without the supports and steps, for example in a trade fair hall.

Possibilities for use: the Show Module at your event

At trade fairs or other corporate events, the SWISS KRONO Show Module is an excellent way to convincingly present products and their benefits virtually anywhere. We’ll be happy to place it at your disposal and brief you with convincing arguments for your customers and business partners. Information materials and appropriate decorations are included in the Show Module.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the SWISS KRONO Show Module for your event, talk to us to clarify the details of transport and setup.